Thankfully, the rest of the day passed uneventfully, the games, antics, and humour of the family notwithstanding.  When Emma crawled into bed beside Nathan, she was relaxed and content.

“It was a fun day.”

“It was indeed.  I believe the best part was you making a snow angel.”

“Really?  Why?”  Emma looked up at Nathan with a perplexed look on her face.

“You were you, having the best time, that smile on your face lit up the sky moon and stars and I was there to witness it.”  He kissed her gently with a hint of passion around the edges of the kiss.

“Nathan, I’m over the moon that your here, that you got to witness my family and our ‘antics’ as you call them.  It’s who we are, what we do.”

“I get that.”

“Oh, ” relaxing into him Emma asked, “you noticed anything interesting going on with Jim and Jenna?”

“Seems a hint of romance is in the air.”

“It sure seems that way.  Jim seems smitten and Jenna, well, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen her look at anyone that way.”

“Why is that exactly?”

“Nolan wasn’t only her singing partner, they’d been partners for five years, outside of the singing.  When he died, she took it really hard.”  Emma sighed remembering the highs and lows her sister went through trying to make sense of his death.

“I’m sorry she went through that.  Death although inevitable, is a harsh reality and not easy to understand, especially when love is involved and it’s someone special.”

“No, it isn’t.”

Snuggling closer, Emma would have fallen asleep but for Nathan’s tight grip.  When he realized how tightly he was holding her he eased back.  “I was thinking about loss.  My family, Jenna’s loss, Jim’s loss. I don’t want to lose you, Emma.  It would rip me apart.”

His sincerity brought her into a sitting situation.  “I don’t see that happening any time soon, Nathan.”

Kissing the top of her head, he said, “The thought is unbearable.”

“Well, let me show you how real and alive I really am.”  Emma began kissing him tenderly, lingeringly and before long passion took over and Nathan was left with a heady feeling he’d never forget as long as he lived while vowing to keep her safe and unharmed.

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