When they returned, they set up the karaoke machine and began singing.  The minute Jenna started to sing, the others slowly stopped and before long all sat in rapt silence listening to the eloquence of her voice.  It didn’t matter what song they played, her rendition was simply breathtaking.

Jenna encouraged everyone to chime in while teasing Daniel, who couldn’t carry a note and was completely tone deaf but singing at the top of his lungs.  The fun continued unabated with one impromptu song after another.

Surprisingly Jenna sang an original, one she’d been working on for a couple of years.  It was an immediate show stopper.  They saved their clapping until the end and she received a standing ovation.  When it quietened down Nathan approached to ask if she’d thought of recording it.  She explained she was considering it.  He asked if she’d mind if he made some calls to a couple of contacts, on her behalf.  Smiling shyly expressing appreciation she added that she was ready to get back to singing in earnest.

Nathan patted her arm and promised he’d call her as soon as possible then asked if she could make a demo.  When Jenna told him she already had and she’d carried a copy with her, for over a year, partly as a reminder of Marko, partly as encouragement for herself, he smiled knowingly.

They went on to play a few more games before heading outside once again.  Two groups grabbed the snowmobiles, scooting off to race around the far end of the property.  It was a logistical nightmare for Jim, who immediately contacted several of his crew and asked them to change locations to cover everyone.  Jake and Sarah dawned cross country skies and headed out in the same general direction as the ski-doos but obviously lagged behind.

Mother and baby were bundled on a sled as dad hauled them around while Nathan and Emma wandered arm in arm enjoying the havoc and mayhem.  Every now and again they smiled at one another as laughter punctuated the snow covered silence.

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