It worked.  Everyone settled comfortably into the oversized and very comfortable chairs that relaxed into nearly a supine position and relaxing in to watch Miracle on 34th Street, Sarah and Jake’s favourite and seemed perfectly comfortable.  After that, it was on.  Since the women outnumbered the men, they watched The Preacher’s Wife (both versions) after which the women retired for the night and the men watched the Die Hard series.

Emma decided to soak in the tub after which she climbed into bed to read and relax.  It wasn’t long before Nathan joined her and her head was immediately filled with other ideas completely.

Morning found everyone in a perky mood and once breakfast was finished, eager to explore their new surroundings.  Nathan directed them to an “outdoor games room” which held skis, snowshoes, snowmobiles, sleds and outdoor sports equipment.

Everyone chose something and events ensued whether it was racing, tracking.  They were having fun and laughing as usual which lightened Emma’s heart.

Emma and Nathan got into a snowball fight and following fits of laughter, Emma fell flat on her back making snow angels.  Nathan flopped beside her.  “Your favourite sport!”

Emma laughed into his eyes, “I think you’re right,” and catching him momentarily off guard gave him an all-encompassing face wash.  He immediately retaliated followed by a snowball fight she had no hope of winning.

Jake watched over his family both concerned and relieved.  They were safe, that was the important thing he reminded himself even though he remained on edge.  As soon as he had a moment, he intended corralling Nathan to find out what went down, and what shape the property was in.  Even though it was secondary, it was a concern.

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