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As we haven’t arrived at midnight and have 8 hours to go, I shall happily send pictures from countries that have already enjoyed the coming of the new year and many fireworks, which I adore so much.  I hope you do too!   Happy New Year Everyone!


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Phyllis and  family to you and yours.



18 thoughts on “New Years Fireworks!

    1. We had a few fireworks, but I enjoy utube and seeing around the world, what they accomplish. Quite beautiful. Happy New Year! I wish you much happiness and joy throughout the year.

  1. Wonderful pictures. I do adore fireworks. They cancelled the ones we usually have in Boston for the first time in more than 30 years due to monetary issues. I think they had been supported by donations and sponsors, but those donors have gotten old and stopped donating. Pity. They were wonderful fireworks.

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