Nathan 143

Emma and her mother sauntered arm in arm through copious gardens.  “Emma, do you think this “thing” will end soon?”

“I’m not sure, mom.  Nathan and Jim are doing what they do, it seems they’re getting closer.  It’s just not enough to take to court.”

Somewhat startled, Sarah asked, “I don’t quite understand, how so?”

“Someone was intent on chasing Nathan down, but who?  The man at the theater would have attacked me if possible, he was stopped and although he was grilled doesn’t know who hired him. We don’t have any links.  The men sent to our cabin were paid in cash, never met their boss, and although we know they were sent by the man responsible for Marks and Westwood’s untimely demises, where’s the indisputable evidence?  We can follow the dots but that’s all at the moment.  We can tie the arms in the warehouse to Jessop, loosely.  He could easily deny it, say they were planted and he knew nothing about them.  We need hard cold facts, proof he was selling to foreign governments branding him a terrorist.  While the armaments are in warehouses belonging to Jessop (and in one instance) on land owned by Morgon, it doesn’t mean they were in cahoots.  It simply means Morgon rented property to Jessop. It’s less than circumstantial.  Someone ran us into the guardrail but was it Jessop’s doing or a drunk or careless driver?”

“Point taken.”

“There has to be one man who knows all Jessop’s dirty little secrets.  If we find that man, and he rolls on Jessop, we’ll have him.  So far, we haven’t found that connection.  Jessop’s very good at covering his trail.  Either he pays well or has a means of putting the fear of god into his underlings.  We need to find that crack in his armour, and there is one, has to be.  No man is an island as they say.”

“I know your father’s concerned, hell beyond worried.”

Emma hadn’t heard her mother curse in forever.  It only happened when she was exceedingly worried or fearful.

“We’ll be ok, mom, seriously we have Nathan and an army protecting all of us.”

“I’m grateful for it, Emma, I am.  It’s just that this is constantly hanging over our heads.  I’d like to breath again.”

“We will, mom, we will, I promise.”  Emma prayed it would happen sooner than later, for all of them.

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So much memory attached to scent,

Centers around a person place or event.

A woman’s perfume full and rich,

Reminders of her continue to bewitch.

Perfection captured in a moment so special,

Full of love’s wonder and true potential.

What of the sweet scent of summer,

Filling our heart setting it aflutter.

Chocolate chip cookies wafting on air,

Cooked in the kitchen with loving care,

Candy floss at the carnival fair,

All the joys we experienced there.

Scent indeed carries great power,

To refresh reclaim and empower.

Childhood memories, and special moments,

Captured forever and surprisingly intense.













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When the knees no longer work

See a specialist receive his handiwork.

If the house has become too small

Simply remove a piece of the wall.

If a picture frame suddenly breaks

Replacement is all it takes.

For some things that is not possible

A loved one is now in the hospital

We beg, we plead for instant recovery

And remember how exceedingly lucky

We were to have them in our life

Whether it be husband or wife

There is no replacement for a lost child

We pour over pictures in which we once smiled

Replacement is possible for many things

But we’d gladly pay the ransom of kings

When the most special gifts we often share

Suddenly disappear, it doesn’t compare

No replacement for honour integrity or love

Never become complacent and neglectful of

Those things for which replacement is not possible

Leaving a hole in our heart, leaving us inconsolable

Most importantly of all I believe, is the fact there’s no replacement for my blog,

for which I am exceedingly grateful daily.  I enjoy you all so much.











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My first thought on seeing today’s prompt was “Yellow Submarine” followed by “Mellow Yellow” and “Yellow Taxi”.

What can you say about yellow

Except it rhymes with marshmallow

We think of the sun on a bright sunny day

Under which we all love to sit or play

It makes the sky seem so richly blue

Everything feels lusciously new

The colour feels warm and relaxing

Under which you hear children laughing

We swim we dance we even romance

At the park amid gorgeous plants

And here I thought I had nothing to say

About yellow as the word of the day







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You trip, you fall, I instantly laugh

No matter how big or small the gaff

It’s a failing I’ve tried to overcome

And I think never more shall I succumb

And then someone lands on their face

Out the window goes all my good grace

I’ve tried to determine my automatic response

I now realize it’s not mean unkind nonchalance

It’s my nervous reaction an immediate response

I laugh, I guffaw as tears course down my cheeks

And if it was really funny laughter goes on for weeks

PS  I love you.

Nathan 142

The following morning, they all met for breakfast, the men looking somber, the women looking relaxed and pleased.

As soon as their breakfast was served Nathan said, “Since we all know the truth of last night’s little adventure, let me be clear, there will be no more recon for any of you.”  He looked solidly at all three women.

The women exchanged knowing glances.  “Since you know we followed you, and that we met with no harm, no foul, and the accident could have been simply that, a drunk or crazy driver, I see no point in belaboring the issue,”  Emma spoke firmly in response.

“Having said that, we’ve already agreed we won’t go unescorted into enemy territory.  So, it behooves each of you to include us in your plans.  We expect to know what you’re doing, and when.  We all have a stake in this.”

The other women nodded their approval.

Nathan exchanged glances with the other men and continued, “Alright, that’s fair enough.  You have a valid point.  We’ll let you know when we’re making a move and why.  Having said that, we expect that you’ll honour our request and stay out of it.”

“I think we can all agree with that proposal.”  Emma looked at the other women who exchanged glances then agreed.

“So what did you find out last night?”

Nathan explained about the ownership of the warehouse and land and continued, “We found more of the same, in larger quantities.  It’s a link at least tying the two men together indicating they are in business together, something we didn’t know previously.  It’s going to take more time to find indisputable proof, but we will.”

The day progressed in relaxed mode with couples breaking off involved in a variety of activities.  Jim showed Jenna some basic moves, to protect herself, Emma and Nathan went over plans and concerns regarding the men involved, Jake and Sarah took a leisurely walk around the grounds.

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Nathan 141

The third degree continued with Jake and Sarah.  “I know you too well, Sarah, that was a load of bullshit back there.   What the hell were you three really up to?”

Sarah smiled.  “Following you of course.”

“What?  Why?”

“Do you realize how dangerous that was?”

“Jake, nothing happened.  It was so boring.  I can’t imagine doing that for a living.  Besides, we left before it got interesting I assume.  You weren’t far behind us after all.  We left and were well out of harm’s way.  I have to admit though, I understand the draw.”

“Darling, you could have been seriously injured.  I can’t get past that part.  Don’t do this again, do you hear me?”

“Are you giving me orders, Jake?”

“Yes, yes I am.  Not something I do, but I’m putting my foot down on this one.  No more of this Sarah.  I’ll have a talk with Emma.  I’m shocked and surprised she’d involve you in this, she knows what to expect.”

Sarah stood ramrod straight, “Don’t you dare, Jake.  I wanted to go.  We all did.  We chose to be part of the situation.  It had nothing to do with Emma.”

“It most certainly did.  She was the ringleader, no doubt about it.”

“She may have known what to do, but we all made a choice, Jake.  I wanted to live a little, be part of the big picture, something I haven’t really done.  Oh sure, I’ve raised our family and they’ve turned into fine people, people I’m proud of.  But you, you, Nathan, Jim, you’ve all been part of something far more important.  Exciting.  Thrilling even.”

“Perhaps, but at a cost.  Mentally and physically.  It’s taken its toll.  Not something I would willingly want you involved in or dealing with.”

“Let it be, Jake.  We all enjoyed our little excursion, it was fun.  I’m not particularly interested in going again, as I said, it was boring.”

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Nathan 140

Jim and Jenna were excitedly mid-grope when Jim stopped.  “Jenna, were you telling us the truth?”

“Why do you ask?”

“It didn’t feel right.  I need to know, Jenna.”

Jenna sighed.  “Yes, we were going to the little coffee bar, but we followed you first.”

Shocked, he asked, “Why?”

“We wanted to know what you were up to.  So we followed you and sat there for an hour before we finally left.”

“Jenna, do you know how seriously dangerous that was?  These guys play for keeps and you have no training, you and the others could have been seriously injured!  As it is, you were so damn lucky!”

“It didn’t though.  We got out of there.”

“The better question is why you couldn’t share your plans with us, with me.”

“I might not be in your league, but I understand what you do, the risks you take, the jeopardy you place yourself in every time you go out.  I wanted to know what the rush was, the feelings, the…”

“You are right.  There is a rush, the excitement and energy have to be contained, you have to be thorough, logical, methodical.  Excellent planning for any probability a must.  You being out there, unprotected, not knowing how to act or react puts you in immense danger!”

Taking her in his arms he continued, “Please, Jenna, don’t ever do that again.  If you want to know the plan, I’ll include you, but you have to promise me you won’t involve yourself again.  Or I’ll have a talk with Nathan and Emma, neither will enjoy.”

“It had nothing to do with either of them.  It was my decision to go.  I wanted to see what it was all about.  And if you ask me, it was pretty dang boring.  Sitting around in the dark waiting for something to happen.”

Jim laughed at that.  “A lot of my work involves just that.  The occasional scuttle can bring dire consequences, so we avoid that at all costs.”

“I’ll give you some training, so you can protect yourself if that will dissuade  your desire for stakeouts.”

“Oooh, hand to hand, now I like the sound of that!  Care to show me some now?”  She pushed Jim onto the bed.

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Nathan 139

Nathan played along, asking the staff to prepare some light snacks with coffee and brandy for others.  Conversation was light, stilted at times, with everyone skirting the subject they all wanted to discuss.  The women were hamstrung as they couldn’t ask what the men were up to without giving themselves away and vice versa.

When exhaustion finally settled in, they retired for the night.  The minute the bedroom door was closed, Nathan pounced.  “Alright, Emma, what were you up to?”

Emma sighed.  “We knew you were planning something, so we followed you.”  She winced waiting for his response.

“I figured as much.  Taking her in his arms he asked quietly, “You never thought about the possible consequences to you or the others?”  He gave her a little shake, “This is not a game, Emma.  These men are dangerous and could care less who they hurt or take out to save their skin.”

“How would you feel if your mother or sister were hurt while you snooped?  You are lucky they only sideswiped you.  Your mother and sister aren’t in the same league as you, they’ve had no experience in defense or self-protection.  Jim and Jake would be devastated.  I would be devastated!”

Having said that, he hauled her close and held on, “In part, I’m so damn angry I don’t know what to say and in part, I’m simply relieved you are all safe.”

“Then why couldn’t you have explained what you were planning?  Why didn’t you include us?  We have a right to know what’s going on, and what our men are involved in.  You think you have a corner on caring?  On being devastated?”  She pulled back, eyes flashing, “I love you, Nathan.  I may have tried to fight it, but I do.  I’m ok with what you do and how you do it, I just want to be involved.”

Smiling, she added, “I have to admit it was exciting too.”

Nathan lifted her, set her on the bed and proceeded to show her exactly how he felt about her while Emma reciprocated.

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Nathan 138

Emma knew Nathan and company were up to something.  She’d whispered her intention to follow the guys to the others as soon as she figured out the guy’s plans.  Immediately upon their disappearance, the women raced to gather their coats, hats, and gloves and hustled out to one of the waiting vehicles.

She followed at a safe distance, hoping to go unnoticed, but really, this was their line of work so she wasn’t sure she could pull it off.  Fingers crossed she said, “I’m hoping we’re far enough behind that we can tail them.  I’m new at this, so we’ll see what happens.”

Jenna giggled nervously, “Your worst is better than my best.  I guess I should have paid more attention to those chase scenes in my mystery movies.”

They all leaned forward in their seats actively staring ahead.  “You notice the type of tail lights on Jim’s vehicle?”

“Yeah, they are sort of oval with a triangle inside.”  Jenna was the first to respond.

“You watch that, mom, can you watch the shape?  I’ll watch too but I have to navigate, it’s the best idea I can come up with, which is going to get more difficult once we enter the thoroughfare with numerous other vehicles moving around.

They did surprisingly well.   Emma changed lanes constantly, and when the traffic was heavy, pulled closer to within a single car length behind Jim’s car.  As soon as traffic thinned out, she dropped back two and three car lengths.  She laughed, “OMG, this is hilarious.  I have no idea what I’m doing.”

“I’m more concerned about what we’re going to do once we get there.  I mean, do we follow them inside their destination, or do we keep watch, what’s our purpose here?”  Jenna unconsciously emitted another nervous snicker.

“We’ll play it by ear.  I won’t put us in a dangerous situtation, but we can act as look-out and back-up if necessary.”

Sarah asked, “I take it you’ve never done this before, Emma?”

“No, never.  I was with Nathan on one occasion when we followed a man, but it was more of a high-speed chase and I was too excited to take note of his movements.”

“What do we say if they find us?”  Jenna asked as this surprised thought filtered her nervous brain.

“I’ll take care of that, don’t worry.”

Eventually, they turned off onto a lone road that headed out to nowhere.  Emma cut the lights and fell even further back.   When she noticed the other vehicles parking, she pulled to the side of the road and set the car into park and they waited and watched.

“Jeeze, Emma, it’s been over an hour. What could be taking so long, and don’t you think we should leave before they do?  Especially if we want to remain incognito.”

“Yeah, I suppose your right.  It’s pretty boring anyway.  Hey, let’s hit an all night eatery and enjoy a snack?  You interested?”

“Sure.  Got anything in mind?”

“I know a little bar that has great food, finger food.  We can give that a try, see what we think about it.”

They were well on their way, back on the main road and heading to their destination when a car appeared from nowhere slamming them into the guardrail that separated the two sections of highway.  Emma did a remarkable job of holding on and keeping the car on the road until it was safe enough to pull over.  Hazard lights on, she turned to check the other passengers out, “You two ok?”


“Yes, I am,  gave me a start of course, but I’m not hurt.”

“What was that all about?”

“I’d say we got someone’s attention.  Probably the perp’s.  This has been an MO he’s used before.  Damn it!”


“How do I explain this to Nathan?”

“You tell him the truth.”

“Yeah, I know.  The problem is, I promised I wouldn’t pull another stunt like this without telling him first.”

“You don’t have to tell him the whole truth, just that we went for a drive looking for this restaurant and . . .”

As much as Emma hated half-truths as much as lies, she agreed.  He would accept that, but not that they were following him and his men.

“Ok.”  Sighing she asked, “Are we all in agreement then?”

“Yes.  I know Jake will be scared to death if he knew what we were up to.”

“I’m sure Jim wouldn’t be any more pleased than dad so yeah, I’m in.”

“Ok, I’ll call Nathan, arrange for a pickup.”

It was about twenty minutes later that Nathan, Jim, and Jake rolled up alongside.  They hopped out of their vehicle and hurried toward the waiting women.  “You alright?”  They asked in unison?”

“Yeah, we’re fine, we weren’t hurt at all.  Just a misfortunate accident.”  Jenna was the first to chime in.

Nathan looked Emma over from head to toe before wrapping her tightly in his arms and kissing the top of her head.

Jake grabbed his wife and held onto her tightly before releasing her but continuing to hold her hands in his.  “Love?”

“I’m fine, dear.  A little shocked but otherwise quite alright.”

“Where were you going?”  Jim asked unable to hide his surprise.

“We were going to check out a little coffee shop I heard of that offers delectable entrees and coffee for all-nighters.  It’s supposed to be really good.  I thought we’de give it a try.”

They returned to Nathans when the limo arrived and Jim drove his car back to Nathans.  Jenna seemed pretty good at distraction and involved her mother every step of the way as they asked Emma and Nathan about the various landmarks they passed.

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It’s as simple as your A B C’s

Even if it means getting down on bended knee

It’s as simple as eating humble pie

Not letting it reach an impasse and therefore goodbye

It’s as simple as showing your love

Going the extra mile could be enough

It’s as simple as stating your case

Explanations requiring, in touching base

It’s as simple as taking action

Showing your care, showing affection

It’s as simple as a hand in glove

Reiterating how deeply you care, how deeply you love

It’s as simple as using your words

There is no need to constantly cross swords


It’s as simple as your ABC’s

It’s as simple as your 1 2 3’s

It’s as simple as a hand in glove

It’s as simple as showing love

It’s as simple as stating your case

It’s as simple as touching base

It’s as simple as taking action

It’s as simple as showing affection

It’s as simple as saying a goodbye

It’s as simple as remembering why

It’s as simple as not letting love die






Related image

In years gone by women considered a ten

Men felt empowered if and only when

A woman such as Boe Derek was on their arm

Women objectified not desired for their charm

Any woman that was considered less than

Was not contemplated part of the plan

Even now many years later

A misogynist, a true woman hater

Considers women with intellect and brains

Such a threat he often calls them names

Too often society lives by the creed

If you’re not perfect you must concede

To sitting on a shelf, undesirable at best

In you, they saw nothing in which to invest










Nathan 137

After speaking with Jester, Nathan planned a joint effort with men he already had in place outside a little- known warehouse belonging to Jessop thanks to the crew Jester sent on recon.  The new information meant more digging.

They now had a connection between the warehouse (owned by Jessop) on land owned by a well-known senator, Anson Morgon (which frustrated and annoyed Nathan for obvious reasons) regularly patrolled by Jessop’s men in the deputy’s department.  It was difficult to ascertain how many worked as underlings in Jessop’s secret operation and how many were law abiding men.

If they found arms of any sort on the property, it was a definite tie to Morgon and solidified their known contact and the possibility they were in business together.

Nathan took Jake and Jim aside to explain what was happening.  Jim immediately wanted in.  Jake wanted to go too but knew his limitations.  These were highly skilled men, adept and able and he would only slow them down.  The sigh that escaped him wasn’t lost on Nathan who immediately suggested he accompany them as a watchman.  Jake was delighted to be included.

“Any idea how to keep the women out of the mix?” Jake asked curiously.  “Sarah won’t care, she won’t be remotely interested in this, but I know Emma will and I doubt we could keep Jenna out of it when she knows Jim’s involved.”

“They were planning on an evening of puzzle making and wandering the grounds as Sarah hasn’t been on a tour as yet.”  Nathan offered offhandedly.  “Hopefully it will give us enough time to accomplish the mission.”

Jake laughed, “You don’t know Emma then.”

“It’s worked  before.”

“Only because she let you get away with it.”  Jake was still laughing.

“I can be convincing when I need to be,” Nathan’s smile held firm determination.

Jake shrugged and let it go.

“Let’s go over the the plans so we’re all on the same page,”  Jim suggested, wondering about the prospect of keeping the women uninformed.

They spent an hour going over various situational scenarios and then joined the women for dinner.  Sarah and Emma had given the staff the night off and produced a delicious home cooked meal including a large roast and all the fixing.

“Sarah, my mouth is watering.  This smells heavenly and looks delicious.  Are those Yorkshires?”

“Yes, indeed, my own secret recipe guaranteed to work at any sea level.”  Winking she added, “And they do.”

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Devastation is the result of,

The ruination of all that you love

The break up of a marriage once dear,

Momentarily surrounded by loss and fear

A government gone wild with greed,

The will of the people it doesn’t heed

Earthquakes and natural destruction,

Bring about soul terrifying devastation

The loss of someone we hold dear,

No longer able to touch or to be near

The depths of despair and confusion,

Leave us facing havoc and one conclusion

Don’t let outside forces determine your fate,

Stand up be strong and don’t alienate

The rest of the world and family too,

All who will gladly help you pull through

Whatever devastation you personally face,

Call on your own strength and personal grace




Nathan 136

Knowing her parent’s penchant for classical music, Emma obtained tickets to the Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra with a guest pianist playing Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 24 as well as Schubert, Nielsen and Liadov at Benaroya Hall.

The event was well attended and Emma was very pleased when she saw how delighted her parents were.

“Emma, that was absolutely wonderful.  Special in every way. I’m so happy we were able to attend the event.” A huge sigh of pure pleasure escaped Sarah’s lips as she turned and smiled at her husband.  “You enjoyed that didn’t you Jake?”


When they arrived at Nathan’s, they indulged in a late dinner along with very good wine while chatting well into the night.  Emma was overjoyed at sharing the evening with everyone.  She wasn’t sure what Nathan thought although he seemed to have enjoyed himself.  Jenna and Jim, although wrapped up in each other, smiled throughout.

Emma cuddled into Nathan.  “Did you enjoy yourself, Nathan?”

“Yes, surprisingly.  I’ve never listened to Motzart, my parent did and it brought back some very happy memories.”

Touching his arm she asked, “You ok?”

“Yes, Emma, for a moment I felt surrounded by their presence as if they were actually here.  Unusual to say the least, but interesting all the same.  I’ve never experienced anything like that.”

Nathan pulled Emma close and they talked for hours and finally fell asleep curled tightly into one another.

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Sometimes an oversight is quite simply that,

Which is innocently said during idle chat

The power of words can either uplift or destroy,

Killing all the positives we currently enjoy

A thoughtless deed that brings pain and heartache,

Started as a simple joke, but created huge headaches

Oversight can be much more than a blunder or miscue

If inattention, disregard or lapses are not attended to




















Related image

Successful a word that encompasses much

Not often something you hold or you touch

Successful a word that covers your delight

When reaching a goal you strive to new heights

Successful a word that embraces true happiness

Embarking on a new chapter in life so adventurous

Successful a word that fills you with accomplishment

Doing your best without thought of a complement

Successful a word that embodies the effort used

To keep pushing and moving, though your body feels misused

Successful a word truly ageless and encompasses much

Whether young or old, every endeavour regarded as such



Nathan 135

Sarah and Jake arrived amid great fanfare.  They were loving the relaxed atmosphere of the limo and then the tour of Nathan’s house.  “My god, Emma, Nathan’s paintings are exquisite and the grounds, well they are a gardener’s paradise.  I could sit out there forever.”

“You haven’t seen all of them yet.  There are more.”

“More?  The front landscaping is exquisite beyond measure.”

“I know, right?  I stood on the path when I first arrived, closed my eyes, and just breathed.”

“I know I couldn’t do the garden justice, and I realize he has a fleet of gardeners attending it, but it’s so magnificent it just takes you over.”

“What a beautiful home.  It’s welcoming.  I was a tad nervous when we first arrived, but well, I couldn’t feel more at home if I tried.”

“Jenna, my darling girl, how are you?  Looking exceedingly happy I see.” Jenna filled her in on the events at the wine tasting club and how she’d felt and how supportive Jim was.

“I take it there’s something pretty special going on between the two of you.”

“Indeed there is mum.  I couldn’t be happier.”

Sarah hugged Jenna close.  “I couldn’t be happier for you!  You deserve this, Jenna.”

They settled down in front of the puzzle and coffee in hand began working on it together.  Their discussion varied and moved between the events they’d attended and what was going on personally for both of them.

Meanwhile, Nathan, Jim, and Jake settled into Nathan’s den so Nathan could brief Jake on what had happened, where they were going and what they were hoping for.

“You think he’ll try to make another move on any of you, of us?”

“I would imagine so, although if he has his ear to the ground, he should know that would bring a load of trouble down on his head.”

“Seems to me, that gives him all the more impetus to end this.”

“Possibly, but I have more resources at my disposal than I believe he does.  He might have friends in low places, but I have friends to counter those friends and a lot more besides.”

Jake breathed a sigh of relief.  “Good to hear.  I can’t say it hasn’t been on my mind.  I’ve been worried.  Could have picked up the phone called and got the low down, but I wanted to see Seattle personally.”

“Quite the set up you have here.  Jim this is your area of expertise?”

“I know my way around, yes.  Nathan and I have worked together for years, we’re a team.”

Nathan made his excuses and wandered off to make dinner arrangements and give the two men time alone.

Jim quickly made his case.  “Jake, I’m in love with Jenna.  I want to marry her.  Thought it only right to mention it up front.”

“I’m not surprised, I noticed how things were going when you met.  I’m happy for Jenna, she deserved someone special, and I think you fit the bill rather nicely.”

“That means a lot, Jake.”

“I suppose it doesn’t mean much these days, what parents think.”

“It does to me, Jake.  I’m not old fashioned in many regards and I can go with the flow, but this is something that is important to me.  Rest assured, I’ll take care of her, give her all the love I have to give and I’ll protect her at all costs.”

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Nathan 134

Jim and Jenna woke wrapped in each other’s arms feeling warm, soft, loved.  “Good morning beautiful.”  Jim placed a tender kiss on Jenna’s brow.

“Good morning.  From the look in your eyes, I’d say you slept exceptionally well.”

“Oh, I did.”

“While I’d rather stay cuddled here with you the rest of the day, I imagine Emma or Nathan or both have plans for us for the day.”

“I’m sure they do.  We could simply blow them off.”  He smirked roguishly.

Laughing, Jenna agreed, “We could.  Indeed, we could.  What excuse could we give them do you think?” she playfully stroked his thick black hair.

“We’re not feeling well?  A case of the morning after something or other?”  He kissed her again, with passion and desire.

“Somehow, much as I’d like that, it won’t wash.”

“You’re probably right.  I’d have to come up with something really horrific, which they wouldn’t for a moment believe.”

“I’m feeling rather invigorated myself, and I wouldn’t mind an outing of some sort.”

“A walk in the park?  It might be chilly but,”

“Do we have enough time before the parents arrive?”

“Oh right, I forgot about that.  I suppose it wouldn’t be good form if we disappeared and weren’t here to greet them.”

Laughing Jenna said, “I don’t think they stand on form, to be honest.”

“So, what do you think prompted this sudden visit?”

“Knowing dad, I’d say he wants a personal update on what’s happening, what the current plan is and where we go from here.”

“I can’t say as I blame him,” Jim caressed Jenna’s chin length hair.  “Your two precious people and a properly invested interest after all.  I know I do.”

Jenna smiled happily into Jim’s eyes, “That’s always wonderful to hear and to know.”

“Alright, beautiful, up and at it, you take the first shower.  I can’t guarantee I wouldn’t press my luck with you in the shower and then it might lead to something even more delicious and, and, and.”

“Promises, promises.”  Jenna caressed Jim’s face and slid out of bed.

“I won’t be long.”

While she was showering, Jim ordered breakfast delivered to their room so they could eat in solitude.  Although he’d willingly if reluctantly forgone their usual morning delight, he wasn’t ready to share her as yet.

As soon as she was out of the shower, Jim hopped in and Jenna could hear his delightful semi off-key rendition of “Something’s gotta give” smiling happily.  “This is living,” she said aloud.  ‘I am so beyond pleased you came into my life’, she whispered to herself.

The minute he reappeared, Jenna took him in her arms and held on tight and reiterated what she’d thought.  “As I am, Jenna, with all my heart.”

By mid-afternoon, they’d congregated in the living room Emma and Nathan currently used.  “You think pop wants an update, Emma?”

“Oh, probably.  Although I did mention showing him the sights, and he was completely intrigued with the lighting during Christmas and said he had to visit to see Seattle for himself.”

“Well, Seattle has become a special place for me too.”

“Seems you and Jim are getting on rather well.”

“Yes, we are. Emma, I’m in love with him.   I’m shocked, stunned, surprised, because it happened so quickly, without really noticing it, but there it is.”

Emma hugged Jenna close.  “You know, it’s a good thing.  He’s a fine man.  I can’t think of better other than Nathan, and he’s off the market, you can’t have him.”

Jenna laughed brightly.  “He does seem to fit you.  You are good together, right, somehow.”

“I’m happy for both of us, Emma.”

“Shall we go interupt them? ”

“Naw, let’s just enjoy for the moment.  As soon as mom and dad get here it’s going to get hectic.”

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The line between the public’s right to know and privacy has become slim indeed.  Reporters hounded Lady Di to her death.  Elvis couldn’t leave his home.  Stars and artists alike are stalked.  The public’s insatiable ‘want’ to know has definitely crossed a line.

Many of us prefer to keep our private lives private.  We share only that which we feel is necessary for others to know.  Have you ever worked with someone so private (closed off) they were so insular you might not have noticed if or when they suddenly vanished?  Wouldn’t that make a great story?!  Hmmm.

It can be insulating, depending on how we go about continuing privacy, but as with Elaine’s ‘letter’, it can bring people closer, feeling they know something of you, about you, endearing you as an individual, to their heart.  It is much the same when writing a novel, imagine that.  Art imitating life.

This privacy thing is something I often struggle with, especially on the world wide web.  How much do you disclose about you?  How much is important, how much is immaterial? How much simply crosses a line and becomes invasion? Or opens us up to unscrupulous individuals?

I suppose it matters, depending on who you are opening up to.  The people here, are of a different ilk with a much higher thought process, on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, of learning about what makes the world tick in general.

We share our deepest thoughts, beliefs, hopes and dreams whether through poem, verse, or story.  We question our own strongly held beliefs against those of others, always with an eye to understanding.

For that reason, I come here daily, searching what others think, believe, hope and yes dream eager to learn more about others aspirations and about myself.

It has been and continues to be one of the most precious moments I have enjoyed in life so far, sharing with you, becoming involved in your personal stories and lives, no matter how you chose to disclose snippets of what you enjoy, love, struggle with, your goals, ambitions, hopes and desires sometimes hinted at, sometimes as if shouted from the rooftops (without the caps of course) but stated so succinctly it could have been.

I personally want to take this opportunity to thank you, each and every one, for many have become close to my heart because you chose to share your world, yourselves.  I look forward with great joy to continuing sharing these tidbits about you, me the world at large. Thank you for taking me into your lives because I’ve learned so much, grown in ways I didn’t know were possible by being here.  It’s a treasured experience and I thank you all!



Nathan 133

Jenna stood up and picked up her phone and tuned in some streaming music which she immediately began humming to.  She lay down beside Jim, and pulling him close, began singing to him while staring directly into his eyes.  Each piece of clothing she removed was followed by a kiss and more humming.  Jim felt his body vibrate with the music she so easily sang to.

She began singing the words and kissed his face, tugged on his lobes, and caressed his body.  Her voice, her touch, the look in her eyes was his undoing.  He tried humming along, and while he could carry a tune, he was no match for the sultry sounds emanating from Jenna which only fueled his desire.

“Do you have any idea what you do to me?  The depths that your voice moves on?”

“I have an idea, ” she whispered attractively.

“Let me show you,” he whispered back.

“Please do.”

Jim gently peeled the layers of clothing away, as he kissed every inch of exposed skin.  Jenna stopped singing and closed her eyes, completely overwhelmed with a vortex of emotion too strong to deny.  Jim smiled knowingly.  How he loved these moments with Jenna.  She was so natural so sweet so delectable, he simply couldn’t get enough of her.  She was his little bit of heaven on earth.

Tonight, their love-making took them far beyond the known galaxy to a stratosphere he’d never experienced before and he made sure Jenna experienced every emotion, every high and rebirth of emotion it was within him to give her.

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