Jake took Nathan aside asking for details on what went down during the skirmish.  Nathan explained (though a condensed version) giving him the facts as Jake was the kind of man who’d understand.  He agreed once he heard the extent of the confrontation, it was best the family had moved to Nathans.  First and foremost, a safety issue, and secondly to avoid the trauma involved. Although he and Daniel could handle it, he was old fashioned enough to protect the woman from what transpired.

He then asked how long Nathan expected the situation would go on (knowing well it was dependent on catching the perp pulling the strings) but hoping Nathan had some incite pertaining to the current situation.  Unfortunately, Nathan had little information offer as the suspects caught at the scene were compartmentalized and had little information on the big picture as they’d been paid well for this skirmish and didn’t know who was pulling the strings.

Jake was frustrated.  After New Years, everyone would be returning home so he had to ask what Nathan’s plans were and how long he could expect to carry on.  Nathan assured him, it was an indefinite arrangement and he’d protect all of them as long as required. Nathan further explained he expected Emma would remain an on-going target and the rest of the family was probably safe but contingencies were in place to lest any possible retribution occur as Emma was safe, sound and out of reach.

Jake asked about the set-up at Nathan’s since Emma was returning there and expected she was the main target.  Nathan invited Jake and his wife on an extended visit to witness first-hand the security involved.  Figuring it was a good plan, he’d kill two birds as it were (see Emma’s home and Seattle which they hadn’t visited in years) he’d also see the extent of protection surrounding Emma. Nodding his approval, he went in search of Sarah to explain the plan.

Figuring it was a good plan, he’d kill two birds as it were (see Emma’s home and Seattle which they hadn’t visited in years) and see the extent of protection surrounding Emma, he nodded his approval.  He immediately went in search of Sarah to explain the plan pleased at the invitation extended.  Seemed there was depth to Nathan and he cared greatly about Emma’s welfare (which extended to the rest of the family) as well.  It spoke volumes to Jake.

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