Nathan left them to their sightseeing journey and returned home to his office.  His men on the ground reported that his adversary was again on the move.

The men in custody although unable to impart adequate information (to clearly indict Jessop) had given Nathan lines to tug on.  Unquestionably Jessop was involved in the incidents involving the threats and deaths of the unfortunate young woman and reporter as well as the incidents at the Bank residence.

Through his people (exceedingly adept at digging) Nathan found a connection from years back Jessop probably thought shielded.  He had a history of intimidation.  By coming after Emma at the theatre, he’d opened himself up to scrutiny.  Consequently, Nathan could tie him to the perp who would have caused Emma harm that day.

Shortly after Jessop had arrived in Seattle, there’s been a scuffle down on the docks that led to injuries involving bystanders (a family of four) who were nearly run over by a runaway vehicle.  The incident didn’t receive air time but suggested a driver had deliberately aimed a vehicle at a man by the name of Severenson who’d been interested in obtaining docking rights.

When Nathan contacted Severenson, he was told he’d backed off due to unnamed threats received in the mail regarding the health and well-being of his family.  Pictures of his family talking to unknown individuals with a note that read, “They are lovely, aren’t they?”  The intimidation was clear.  Even now Severenson was nervous about discussing the situation.

Another notch to tie Jessop to all the incidents happening on the dock.  What was the connection with the dock?   Illegal imports, exports, or more sinister involvement in the likes of human trafficking or drugs?  He’d started small but moved quickly obtaining large sectors.  He now owned docking rights, containers and a large section of buildings on the far end, facing the water where ‘eyes’ weren’t allowed.  Apparently, armed men threatened anyone unfortunate enough to cross onto his property with reports indicating several were encouraged into taking unscheduled swims off the dock if they weren’t roughed up to the extent they’d required hospitalisation.

Later tonight, under the cover of darkness, Nathan and a few of his men intended to pay these establishments a visit, hopefully uncover what Jessop was involved in.  He’d returned home to set plans in motion.

Nathan hoped that having Jenna here would be enough distraction to keep Emma involved because he knew she’d insist on tagging along if possible, something he wouldn’t allow.  If he could enlist Jim’s assistance in distracting both women with an outing, he could freely investigate without worry.

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