Nathan left shortly before Emma.  His detail was already in place and led him to a warehouse at the far end of the pier.  Getting in was easy.  Fortunately, they hadn’t met with any resistance which surprised and concerned him.  If there was none going in, there may be plenty going out.

He directed his men to search and crowbars in hand, they opened boxes on each side and the middle of the compound.  They hadn’t found anything of interest when he noticed a few boxes in a variety of sizes that didn’t match the rest.  Slinking forward he managed to open one and inside found arms.  ATM’s!  Gesturing to his men to have a look they moved toward Nathan and began opening similar sized crates.  Inside were hundreds of anti-tank missiles worth a small fortune when sold to the right market.  They obviously weren’t being sold to the US as they were unmarked.

Nathan made sure all the crates were in order before leaving.  He hoped they’d make their get-away unscathed and unnoticed.  As silently as they entered, they left.  He couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief that they’d managed to avoid conflict at this juncture.  He’d taken high-resolution pictures as proof.  Contacting the right people and proving what Jessop was involved in, the inevitable next step.

Still, finding only one warehouse with arms which although plentiful, wouldn’t make the kind of money he obviously sought and made murder worthwhile, there had to be more, a lot more.  They’d have to return another night and search the other warehouses nearby and find a list of others he owned elsewhere.  Greased palms meant he could feasibly move crates from one warehouse to another avoiding inspections, but to make the venture worthwhile, he had to have a much larger stockpile somewhere else, whether here or in another destination.

Obviously, Emma’s article shone a light on this end of the venture, but there was far more involved (this was the proverbial iceberg) of that he was positive.  Leaving instructions for his men, he returned home.

Inside he was greeted by a smiling Emma with Jenna and Jim involved in a playful romp outside.

“Hello, lovely.”  Nathan swooped in for a romantic erotic kiss that swept Emma away.

“Well if that’s the hello I get after only a few hours separation, I can only imagine what a few days would bring.”  The teasing light in her eyes shone brightly.

“Remind me to show you later.”

When Jenna and Jim gave up on their romp and entered the house, they joined Emma and Nathan in front of the fire with a glass of brandy in hand while music played softly in the background.  Nathan was leaving the tree for a few more days as Jenna was as enchanted as Emma.

Later, upon retiring for the night, Emma explained Harold’s situation.  “First, I have no problem offering Harold and his family protection.  In fact, I’ll see to it immediately.  Secondly, why did you go without me, without protection, of any kind?  If they have Harold under surveillance, you could have been in real danger, why not kill two birds with one stone, Emma?  That would have simplified the entire situation.”  He hopped off the bed, his fury palpable.

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