Aesthetic beauty can be seen
Everywhere you look it seems


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Aesthetic beauty can be seen

Everywhere you look it seems

We are surrounded by so much

Often just the simplest touch

The written word that carries mirth

Lifts our soul each poem so diverse

Sunrises, sunsets, each glowing with promise

Mesmerized by its beauty so completely flawless

Aesthetic beauty often is not acknowledged

Simply noted with mind’s eye, still, we pay it homage

Much to be said about all that is aesthetic

To lift our soul is its purpose, none are apathetic

Always moved on many levels, sometimes unnoticed

Striking us differently, it is often silently noted.








6 thoughts on “Aesthetic

    1. I take it you really liked that post, and thank you for reposting. It was difficult, it seems that the last 5 poems have been very thought provoking for me. Took me a lot of thought to get somewhere with them. I appreciate so much that it touched you.

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