The following day progressed with snippets of information from Jester filtering through which Nathan pondered, placing the pieces together.  They’d found several connections to Jessop so far that ensured his protection, for his loss, was their loss. Still, these weren’t the ring-leaders responsible for calling the shots, simply part of a larger circle.  If they were going to tackle Jessop, their plan had to take them all down in one go.  More digging was necessary in order to make that happen seamlessly.

Jenna’s being here was a godsend for her, Emma and particularly Jim, who it seemed was systematically falling in love with Jenna as she was him.  Nathan couldn’t be happier.

Tonight they planned on attending a Wine and Chocolate Pairing at Sweet Decadence Wine and Chocolate Bar in Renton which Jenna was particularly looking forward to.  Nathan intended she enjoy as much entertainment as possible while here.

The event was well planned, well attended and a delightful hit.  They mingled with others then sat in a sectioned off area and chatted.  Jenna sat up straight as her phone buzzed in her pocket.  “Oh my god, dad and mom want to come join us.”

Emma responded with surprise, “Really?  When?”

“They said if it’s ok with you two, they’d arrive tomorrow afternoon, they have already booked their flight.  They’d be happy to stay at Emma’s but they are looking forward to seeing Seattle sights.”

Nathan immediately replied, “They are more than welcome to stay at Emma’s but we have plenty of room here, a whole wing in fact.  That way we can visit and plan events to attend.  I think it’s a wonderful idea.”

Emma hugged Nathan in wholehearted agreement.

“It’s a shame they didn’t mention the idea before booking their flight, I’d have sent my jet and they would have been here moments after boarding.”

“Guess they never thought of that,”  Jenna replied.  “This is exciting!  It’s an extended New Years.  I can’t wait!”

Jim too was pleased.  He had some things he’d like to discuss with Jenna’s father.  Their possible future together being one.

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