After speaking with Jester, Nathan planned a joint effort with men he already had in place outside a little- known warehouse belonging to Jessop thanks to the crew Jester sent on recon.  The new information meant more digging.

They now had a connection between the warehouse (owned by Jessop) on land owned by a well-known senator, Anson Morgon (which frustrated and annoyed Nathan for obvious reasons) regularly patrolled by Jessop’s men in the deputy’s department.  It was difficult to ascertain how many worked as underlings in Jessop’s secret operation and how many were law abiding men.

If they found arms of any sort on the property, it was a definite tie to Morgon and solidified their known contact and the possibility they were in business together.

Nathan took Jake and Jim aside to explain what was happening.  Jim immediately wanted in.  Jake wanted to go too but knew his limitations.  These were highly skilled men, adept and able and he would only slow them down.  The sigh that escaped him wasn’t lost on Nathan who immediately suggested he accompany them as a watchman.  Jake was delighted to be included.

“Any idea how to keep the women out of the mix?” Jake asked curiously.  “Sarah won’t care, she won’t be remotely interested in this, but I know Emma will and I doubt we could keep Jenna out of it when she knows Jim’s involved.”

“They were planning on an evening of puzzle making and wandering the grounds as Sarah hasn’t been on a tour as yet.”  Nathan offered offhandedly.  “Hopefully it will give us enough time to accomplish the mission.”

Jake laughed, “You don’t know Emma then.”

“It’s worked  before.”

“Only because she let you get away with it.”  Jake was still laughing.

“I can be convincing when I need to be,” Nathan’s smile held firm determination.

Jake shrugged and let it go.

“Let’s go over the the plans so we’re all on the same page,”  Jim suggested, wondering about the prospect of keeping the women uninformed.

They spent an hour going over various situational scenarios and then joined the women for dinner.  Sarah and Emma had given the staff the night off and produced a delicious home cooked meal including a large roast and all the fixing.

“Sarah, my mouth is watering.  This smells heavenly and looks delicious.  Are those Yorkshires?”

“Yes, indeed, my own secret recipe guaranteed to work at any sea level.”  Winking she added, “And they do.”

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