Until she’d clarified the situation for her mother, she hadn’t really taken stock herself.  Somehow it seemed overwhelming and could conceivably take far longer than she’d calculated on.  Later, alone with Nathan, she said as much.  “We have circumstantial evidence, we’ll get more.  Who knows what could crack the case wide open!  Perhaps Jessop himself if he gets antzy or greedy, that alone could be his undoing.  With the pressure we’ve brought on his enterprises, he can’t move freely now, and if he does, we’ll nail his ass.”

“I suppose so, I never thought of that in my recital.”

Jim and Jenna were discussing plans for the future.  “I know dad thinks the world of you, but seriously, Jim, I wouldn’t care if he didn’t.  I adore you.  What we have is between us and no one else.”

“It is indeed, lovey, but it was good to hear all the same.  It was honourable.  That means worlds to me.”

Sarah filled Jake in on Emma’s recital.  “So how long do we visit, Jake?  Or do we go home and tackle this on our own?”

“Nathan’s sure that harming anyone else is a last resort for this Jessop guy.  We’ll be safe wherever we are.  I’m more interested in our daughters.  Seems they are making a life for themselves out here. It’s a long way from home.”

“It is, dear, but it’s their life.  They need space right now.”  Turning she looked Jake in the eye, “Are you contemplating moving?”

“I had given it a passing thought.  Either way, we’re distanced from part of the family.  Still, I am enjoying the change.  Could be the excitement attached, not sure yet.”

“I’m not sure I want to live here, Jake.  It’s lovely and all, but our roots are back home.”

“I know, dear, it’s why I’m giving it great thought.  Doesn’t mean we can’t rent an apartment and sublet, visit once a year.  It’d be a place for the rest of the family as well.”

Sarah sighed.  Knowing her husband and how his mind worked she wasn’t surprised.


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