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The joys of childhood remembered with glee

When much of life, overwhelming can be

So many decisions we must now make

Nothing is based on a simple handshake

We wade our way through all the fake news

Backed by monied men, their intent to confuse

Even though much is overwhelming

And we often find it all so vexing

Trying to keep life simple the goal

Maintaining a semblance of control

Over that which is part of our world

Becomes more complicated and gnarled

We do the best we possibly can

Since we’re only humans, not superman


12 thoughts to “Overwhelming”

    1. I never believed that old saying, times were easier, but with changes in society, it really has become more complicated as a child and teen especially outside adult life.

    1. I know “control” is an illusion for the most part, but if we drop the reins, even with our children, control is gone. I see so many parents afraid to say no and the result is kids who believe they deserve everything and more and kill to get it. Its pretty scary these days. And thank you , you are always so positive and It’s wonderful hearing what you think, good bad or indifferent. hehe

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