Not a word you hear every day
Unless with weights you often play


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Not a word you hear every day

Unless with weights you often play

Perhaps in a story about illegal living

Most of whom are scary and chilling

A villainous type said to be squat

The hero must capture, such a despot

Completely unfamiliar with the subject

Learn all you can no longer perplexed

Ok, that’s my thought on the word squat

An unusual word, but I gave it a shot








6 thoughts on “Squat

    1. lol, I do enjoy keeping ppl on their toes, and you enjoy more than most which I find delightful. I’ll email you in a bit about the doc’s visit. good and bad news depending on how you look at it.but it’s not for the world to read.

    2. I wnted to put you up for the Mystery Blog Award, but I know you aren’t particularly interested so I didn’t do it to you snicker snicker but neeeext time maybe! haha

  1. My first thought also, but if I’d gone the way, it would have been about bad knees. Nobody wants to read about my complaints. You wrote about it in a very clever fashion. Like the technique chart very much.

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