Sitting on the octopus round and round we went
Faster and faster with no end to the torment


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Sitting on the octopus, round and round we went

Faster and faster with no end to the torment

A blur of lights and people passed me by

The operator laughed as I let out a cry

The ride went on and on, round and round

As my screams were lost in the sound

Of music, laughter, people chattering

No one to hear my incessant clamouring

To stop the ride and let us get off

Each time we whizzed by him he did scoff

Spent from screaming and dizzy as hell

We got off the ride, knees shaking as well

Never again to enjoy the rides at the fair

A risk too frightening, still a nightmare





One thought on “Blur

  1. This one made me laugh 🙂 We went to the amusement park with the kids last year. I haven’t been since being a kid. Oh my goodness – how different those rides seem when you are older! I mean, I’m not dead yet (or anything) but having movement in more than one direction was disorienting. We went on a Spider ride that went up and down and well as around and around at the same time. I thought I was going to die. The kids thought I was hilarious.

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