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Sometimes a hideout is all we need

Whether a good book that we read

Or some beautiful music to get lost in

Refreshing our soul from deep within

A place we escape to be alone

While we ascertain concerns on our own

A place of solitude or seclusion

In order to find a complete solution

For that which concerns or worries us

To get perspective, no need to discuss

The issue that confronts us a decision made

To sort truth from fiction a personal crusade





16 thoughts on “Hideout

          1. Ah, yes, I go through that at least twice a year. As soon as they get me hooked up and the drip starts, the medicine stops the migraine, but it sends my anxiety into overdrive. I’m not sure which I hate more. But I’m usually like, “Get me out of here!”

  1. Two things.

    First, lovely poem. Very true. Every artist, no matter if they are a writer or not, needs that one little place where they can lose themselves in the swirling hues of their creative mind.

    Second, where do you get your pictures? Because, frankly, that is a very lovely photo. It enhances the poem quite well. It looks like a rather secluded spot, and one I think I’d like to get lost within when writing.

  2. Being alone with your own thoughts is often a good thing (as long as it isn’t all the time 🙂 No worries here, I’m too social for that, but I do need the gentle balance between the two. It is often my way of recharging.

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