Jiggle brought a delightful reminder.


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I had umpteen ideas about jiggle,  however, I settled on an amusing anecdote about my family.  For years when the children were small, we had finger food night.  Since we all got to choose a meal per week, there was a constant variety to choose from.

Since I’d never eaten frozen or canned food, it was all as fresh as the shelves at the local grocery store could provide, they were used to eating veggies. Oh but if I had a garden!  We did for a time, and that was heaven.  Back to the story.

Needless to say the kids were delighted with finger food night because the diversity of food was endless… every vegetable imaginable with a homemade veggie dip or plain, fruits (mostly in season).  I had to get creative in the winter as my kids loved winter vegetables but only cooked.

It gave everyone a night off from cooking and dishes and was readily accepted by all.  Then came the night of the surprise.  Oh I suppose I should mention that finger food night was usually Friday night.  Therefore it was a great start to the weekend.  Dinner was enjoyed with next to no clean up involved and the weekend began.

I digressed to mentioning Friday’s as this gave me plenty of time to add one surprise to the forthcoming dinner.  On the night in question, unbeknown to my family, I was adding “Jello”.  When the first section of the meal was complete and everyone was nearly full, I pulled out a big bowl of jello, which I quickly divided into bowls and brought  on a tray to surprise everyone.

You can imagine the hilarity that ensued as each of us tried to pick up the Jello that wiggled and jiggled around the bowl.  We chased it with fingers, clinched them together, the efforts and contortions were hilarious.  At times the intensity on little faces nearly brought me to tears (little tongues settled into the corner of their mouth, concentration high) to dropped jaws, it was a complete delight.

They would dive at the jiggling jello, scoop, use both hands and finally one of them thought to suck the jiggling jello out with their mouth.  I can’t quite remember any other dinner that was quite that much fun.  Jiggle jello, jiggle.

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