Emma didn’t doubt for an instant Jim found the note she’d strategically left behind, he’d know instantly Jessop was behind her disappearance.  She shook the restraints.  After a thorough examination,  she realized there was no easy escape for her.  Those blasted movies always suggested a hair pin or something similar might work. Emma didn’t have one, and upon a closer inspection realized they couldn’t possibly work.

Thankfully, her feet were free so she could move about or sit.  She wasn’t a pacer, but right now, pacing worked.  She asked herself questions in an attempt at remaining calm.  How many men were present?  Where was she?  How would Nathan enter?  How should she respond if Jessop was near her? She went over all the moves Nathan had shown her, relieved because she had an idea of how to respond and stay out of Nathan’s way while assisting him if possible.

Jim gathered Jenna in his arms, kissed her passionately before nodding toward Jake and Sarah, met his men at the car and headed out.  He checked his watch, Nathan’s blip was coming through loud and clear.  He was nearing the airport and would touch down in a half an hour. They would be situated on sight momentarily.

Since he wasn’t sure which direction he’d take Nathan, three crews were standing by just outside the north facing exit.  His men wore bracelets with indicators as well so would be aware of Nathan at all times.  It was a waiting game now.  Calm alert and prepared for any possibility he mentally prepared.

Jake, Sarah, and Jenna wandered aimlessly unable to take their minds off the situation, concern running high.  Jake attempted to allay their fears constantly reminding them that Nathan Jim and his men were pros, knew what they were doing and would get Emma out safely.  They wanted to believe him, needed to believe him, and reiterated his words in different ways to constantly reassure themselves.  Still, none of them had been involved in anything like this.  Knowing what Jessop had done, that murder wasn’t beneath him and that he was motivated by revenge and hatred did nothing to calm their fears.

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