Life couldn’t have seemed brighter as  Emma looked out over the crowd invited to the wedding.  She spotted her editor, Harold who sat beaming alongside his family. Beside them sat Sylvia Westwood’s mother and father who’d been delighted by the invitation.  She couldn’t help but notice the wistful smiles on their faces.  Sandra Frazer, Mark’s fiancee was also in attendance and although she looked happy to be here, a tinge of sadness could still be seen in her eyes though she seemed to be moving forward.

Her family was all present and accounted for, the hilarity in preparation unique in every way.  Jim stood alongside Jenna, looking dapper, a twinkle in his eye as he shared a joke with Jenna.

As she gazed upon those in attendance, she was more than delighted they were here.  Each had received closure.  Harold oversaw the articles she’d written, adding his own bits and pieces and declared it a winner.  He was exceedingly proud of her and Nathan and all they’d done to achieve incarceration for Jessop and his cohorts.  The list shook the community for it included many high rollers, people no one had suspected of involvement.  She’d had occasion to talk with Sandra and she’d hugged Emma tightly upon hearing the news, knowing that her former fiancee’s work hadn’t gone in vein and his death counted.  He counted.  Sylvia Westwood’s parents hugged Nathan and heartily shook his hand.  Justice had been accomplished on their behalf as well.

Her family weathered the storm as though it were but a bump in the road.  Between teasing her about Nathan and the wedding and highlighting her award from the paper, she’d been in tears.  Jenna’s first concert was the following week and although she and Nathan would be on their honeymoon, they’d instructed everyone to take pictures and send them.

Jenna joined her and said, “I don’t want to mess you up, you look heavenly.”

“I’m excited.  Happier than I’ve ever been.”  Emma assured her.

As she walked down the aisle toward the man of her dreams, her smile glowed, her eyes twinkled with promise as she met that warm sexy look he carried in his eyes.  Then everyone else disappeared and it was only them.

Nathan broke protocol and took her in his arms and kissed her passionately for all to see.  That brought a round of applause and when it settled down, the minister began.  Jim stood proudly on one side his face alight with happiness.  Jenna stood on the other staring at Jim.  He lifted a hand and whispered across, “You and me, we’re next!”

No, it wasn’t a conventional wedding in any way, but it was the only way for her and Nathan.  All that was Nathan was hers.  She gratefully accepted what was to come as long as Nathan was by her side.  She whispered, “I Love you, Always and Forever!”

“And I you, sweet Emma.”

17 thoughts on “Nathan – Epilogue

  1. Bitter sweet is the goodbye I bid to the characters and story I loved. Sigh…. Now how do I find the start to Critical error?

    1. I’ll have to get my son to see if there’s a way to link the stories together so you dont have to go through everything to find them… Hopefully he’ll have time tomorrow, he has the weekend off…

    1. I was in two minds about how much to include…lots of wedding/dress etc or tie up loose ends….did I do the story justice? is my question. or should I do a rewrite?

      1. I think this all depends on what plans you have for it in the future. Do you want to publish it as a book? Leave it on the blog? These questions may help you find your answers. I think you’ve done a great job. ????

        1. Thank you, Sarah, it was flying by the seat of my pants… I’m going over it now and tweaking it and yes, I’d love to publish it…most likely will…I appreciate your constant thoughts and input most definitely.

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