The ringer at the front door sounded and upon hearing Joe Morton’s voice, Eilea entered the codes, listening until he’d cleared the front entrance. Momentarily a knock sounded at her door.  Looking through the peep-hole and recognizing him, she opened the door.

“Hello, Ms. Martin.”

“Make it Eilea, please.”

“Ok, Eilea.”

“Have a seat.  I’ll get the coffee.”

Morton did as bid, taking in the feminine surroundings.  The love seat, chair, and chesterfield background were a soft beige, with different shades of pinks, maroons, and grays as complimentary colours in flowers and leaves.  A cherry wood china cabinet stood behind the love seat with matching buffet in the dining room.  Two round end tables held lamps or plants with matching burgundy and pink framed pictures.

She was obviously a reader as several bookshelves were lined with books while another contained dozens of movies (mostly kid movies) and a few romance movies  (chick flicks). It suited her, was welcoming and comfortable.

“What do you take in your coffee?”

“Nothing, just black, thanks.”

Entering the living room, she walked to him and set the coffee down and said, “Since time is of the essence, we’d better get started.  What’s on your mind?”

“As we discussed earlier, it takes 10 hours (return) to Duncan and back. It seems highly unlikely he would make a ten hour trip after finishing an eight-hour shift.  It would be humanly impossible to keep up that kind of pace week in and week out.  Assuming I’m correct, he must drive down early Saturday morning take care of business (something takes him there) and depending on how eager he is to get back here, I’d say, he returns late Sunday night.”

“All the letters are post marked either Saturday or Sunday. The Post Master informed me that any mail coming in after three o’clock carries the following day’s date a strong indication he’s mailing his letters at the earliest, sometime Saturday or early Sunday.”

“I began comparing the dates on the letters with the calendar and noticed the original letters were post marked with Saturday’s dates.” Taking several letters out he continued, “The last ones you’ve received are post marked with Sunday’s dates, without exception.  So unless he’s superman, he’s got to be getting tired.  It’s a ferocious pace to keep up.”

“As a result of his threats, we can put a trace on your phone as a precautionary measure.”

“I don’t know if I like that idea.”

“While the idea may make you uncomfortable, monitoring your calls will hopefully assist  in zeroing in on his location, provide proof in court, and in all probability aid in catching him sooner.”

“I’ve been thinking about “patterns” I realized I do receive the bulk of calls during the week between Tuesdays and Thursdays with an odd Monday thrown in.  Local phone calls would make sense.”

“Further proof he works in the area which when added to his statement about watching you strongly suggests a local connection.”

“I know what I’m about to suggest will seriously complicate your life, particularly at work. but experts agree.  We don’t want you answering any phone calls from unknown sources at home or work.  We’re hoping that by narrowing his access to you, it will narrow his movements and make it easier to catch him since it should complicate his life considerably.”

“What about the kids?”

“He hasn’t taken the next step and involved them and we don’t believe he will. I think it’s safe to let them take all incoming calls for now.”

“Research on stalkers suggests if he can’t gain direct access to you, it’s going to push his buttons, bring him to the boiling point – quickly.  He’ll begin feeling deprived of the one thing he desperately wants, contact with you, through the sound of your voice (like an addict that can’t get his fix) he’ll be forced into action. He’ll come out in the open if he wants to see or talk to you.  I must warn you, though, this is risky.”

“That’s a pretty scary thought!”

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6 thoughts on “Critical Error 12

  1. This does sound very risky. I had a friend stalked once, and her family and friends closed ranks around her. She was early 20’s, no kids involved in any way. That is an added element of creepy.

    1. It is. I know, personally and its an escalating problem evolving from movie stars (resulting in deaths) to property damage and entering homes. Once it happens, it destroys your existence making life nearly unbearable. My reason for writing about it is to inform people how to respond. It’s different in Canada than the States (the laws) but similar and gaining ground thank god. They can now send someone to jail for email, pics, entering property, the list goes on .

        1. Thanks. I hope so. I try to include all the possibilities and consequences while maintaining a scary element that creates mystery. Still I want ppl to get the message it is a serious problem that is growing, particularly in this “entitled ” society where ppl want what they want irregardless of consequences and “No ” Doesn’t apply to them. I want therefore I should have. It’s scary and an escalation of teen crimes is growing,especially beating and murder, but I forsee this could become as much a problem for this age group.

    2. What horrified me was knowing they don’t give up for 14 years! and that’s a fact, unless someone else catches their eye. It’s a mystery stalker short story so I’m writing it in that vein, but it’s a serious issue no doubt about it.

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