“Wrong number I guess, they hung up.”


A few minutes later, Andrew was home.

“Hi.  You’re late.”

“I had a basketball practice.”

“I’d appreciate a phone call if you’re going to be late.  If you can’t reach me at work, then leave a message on the answering machine and I’ll check it when I get in, ok?”


Eilea ate dinner in silence.  The kids exchanged worried glances until Christina finally asked, “Mom, is something wrong?”

“I’m tired.”

“Everything ok at work?”

“Yeah, fine.”

“Mom, you don’t seem like yourself.  We’ve all noticed it.”  Andrew suggested quietly.

“You know you can talk to us if you have a problem, don’t you?”  Eilea smiled at the often used remark she’d used to get her kids to open up when they had concerns.

Glancing around the table she said, “Thank you all, I’ll remember that.”

“Theresa, did you have a chance to talk to Cliff yet?”

“He said he’d like to come.”

“Awesome, they traveling together?”

“We were thinking maybe we’d all travel together in the van.”

“I’m going to get my laundry done because we won’t have time later in the week. How about you guys?”

A chorus of “I do’s” followed.  “I guess we could go over to the Laundromat.   We’ll get it done faster.”

They complained in chorus, “I hate going over there.”

“I can’t say I’m impressed either, but we have a fair amount of laundry and in the long run it will be quicker.”

“Yeah, I know, but it gets so hot and it takes so long.”

“We could throw our laundry into the machines and hustle on over to the Mall.  Sounds better than sitting around here, taking turns and waiting for the machines downstairs, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, I suppose,” Christina agreed. “Then I can show you that new nightgown I’ve been looking at.  Theresa, you feel like tagging along?”

“Minus the laundry, yeah!” she giggled.

“Why don’t I finish up the dishes so you can sort your laundry?”

Within twenty-five minutes, they were dragging laundry filled hampers down the elevator to the front door.  “I’ll bring the car around.  Theresa you mind “door duty” so Christina and Andrew can bring the rest down?”

Laundry was quickly stacked in the car and they drove to the Laundromat.  Eilea exchanged paper money for coins as the kids began loading machines.

“Right on!” Eilea smiled.

“Let’s amalgamate the delicate wash in a double washer.  I’ll take them home and dry them though because I don’t want to risk using these machines because they get too hot and might damage them.  I’ve lost enough clothes that way already.”

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