Luck 2

Luck 2

I’d trade all the ladybugs ‘n good luck charms

To hold you tightly once again in my arms

Sharing laughter love joy and happiness

Moments in time enjoyed, oh so precious

I’d walk under a ladder, break some mirrors

If only it meant that you could be nearer

I’d carry coins in a pocket and gather clover

Spending eternity roaming moreover

Collect turtles crickets bamboo or cats eye

To relive that one day my constant outcry

Alas loss has little to do with creating good luck

Time and unforseen circumstance run amuck

Changing the course of our lives pure and simple

Creating  vast waves that constantly ripple

I’ll love you forever, in my heart you’ll remain

Contained in laughter songs toasted with champaigne


7 thoughts on “Luck 2

    1. I did luck 1 as a tongue in cheek, but two came out of the blue, and tyvm for commenting, it really lifts my spirits to know it touched you whether good or bad, mind good is always better hehe ty I appreciate it more than words can say

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