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Good publicity or bad, it’s all the same

Controversy is the name of the game

Be provocative yell scream or shout

As long as your name is bandied about

Your cause gets attention remains center stage

The importance is encouraging them to engage

To think, use their mind and consider

Perhaps their stand to reconsider

Notable comedians often use controversy

Sometimes they carry it too far, unworthy

Controversy can make a positive change

When viewed as ideas to share and exchange



14 thoughts on “Controversy

  1. Maybe marketing with controversy has taken over top billing from marketing with sex. Neither appeals to me but both seem to get peoples’ attention.

          1. OMG HAHAHAHA how off base is that! HAHAHA good grief, that’s funny! still loving the paaaainting! I will undoubtedly return several times to have a boo, because I really love it.

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