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Calm waters unrippled

Before my eyes quickened

A squall caused upheaval

Experiencing no equal

Tossed about in turbulence

Alone I surged the current

Left to conquer all that was

Struggled through mindless chaos

Becoming stronger and whole

Answers found deep in my soul

There are few on earth who haven’t been faced with an uphill battle of some sort.Whether that’s debilitating health issues, prejudice, racism, hatred to conquering their own inner demons, fears, terrors.  We’ve all faced that wall that nearly stopped us dead in our tracks and we had to fight overcome and conquer whatever obstacle was in our path. To all of us, I say, job well done!  Hold your head up high, because no matter how large or small the concern, problem or dilemma you conquered it, you overcame it, to stand tall on the other  side!




14 thoughts on “Conquer

    1. Awe, thank you. Happy you enjoyed. An all encompassing message since everyone has something to conquer in their lives, even though we may not know it… I applaud all who have struggled, conquered, never given up or in but kept on placing one foot in front of the other.

    1. thank you so much. Sometimes we can feel alone in whatever we face, but when we pull back, we see others suffering their own battles, it doesn’t lessen what we face, but makes it easier to face. Perhaps it’s not as insurmountable as we first thought, and if it is and we overcome anyway! kudos to us!!!

      1. Yes, absolutely. No matter our beliefs or opinions, we all suffer. Amazing how our suffering can also bring us close to others though. It’s an ironic thing, but ultimately such a blessing.

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