One night eons ago now,  an interesting sight took place at the Harbour.  Of course we had to go take a look. Surprisingly, it was Jacque Cousteau on Alcyone.  A tour was arranged for the following day for anyone interested.  Having grown up watching him on television we were delighted at the prospect.  Please enjoy this ode to an interesting and adventurous caring man. (Please forgive the degradation of some of the photographs as they are at least 20 years old or there about) but I had to share cause it’s a treasure trove for me and I hope you’ll enjoy as well.

Jacque Cousteau Alcyone Tour 013Jacque Cousteau Alcyone Tour 014Jacque Cousteau Alcyone Tour 012Jacque Cousteau Alcyone Tour 010Jacque Cousteau Alcyone Tour 003Jacque Cousteau Alcyone Tour 009Jacque Cousteau Alcyone Tour 008Jacque Cousteau Alcyone Tour 002Jacque Cousteau Alcyone Tour 04 001Jacque Cousteau Alcyone tour 004Jacque Cousteau Alcyone Tour 005Jacque Cousteau Alcyone Tour 006Jacque Cousteau Alcyone Tour 007

14 thoughts on “(Photographs) Jacque Cousteau visits Hardy

    1. It was a special moment in time, and very memorable. He was an interesting man and his work spoke for itself, so it was an incredible delight to visit his boat which someone later did a documentary on, not sure if it was him and his son, or someone else. can’t remember now. yikes

    1. I loved him. He had such a respect love and devotion to nature and sharing it with everyone else. Not to mention we got to go along for the ride!

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