This is not a life ordinaire

It’s a life extraordinaire

Full of promise light and joy

If imagination you employ

Once full of glitter and shine

Considered delightful, sublime

Becomes dull ordinary, the same

When practiced again and again

It takes new eyes to see the truth

No longer impressionable youth

We can pack a lifetime of extraordinaire

Into each moment, life’s no longer ordinaire






10 thoughts on “Ordinary

    1. What are those cute little pink things?? lol I always have to get Elaine to explain when she sends them cause I have no idea snicker snicker. But thank you.

  1. Life is only ordinary if you want it that way … and there’s nothing wrong with ordinary, mind you. But a little excitement now and again, that’s good too 🙂

    1. So true. Having lived a drama filled life, I enjoy a little bit of ordinary. And I agree, there’s nothing wrong with that either, its about the balance the yin and yang of it all I guess. hehe

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