This is frustrating for me.  I have tried to find an answer and can’t.  I’m going to put it out there for all of you in the hopes one of you might have an answer.

I’ve been having an annoying time in my attempts at leaving comments on many of your blogs.  So far at least 15 blogs are locked up solidly and the comment section isn’t working.  I can click like, but when I click comment, absolutely nothing happens.

If someone has an answer or can guide me to one, I’d appreciate it since many posts are touching and noteworthy and I’d love to tell you so, but I can’t.  Some of you are new to me and I’ve followed you, others I’ve followed for some time.  It makes little difference, I still can’t comment on your posts.

Is this because although there is a comment section, it’s blocked?

This has become a constant issue, and worsening over the past few days.

Unsure and wondering.

19 thoughts on “WP???? Again???

    1. thank you very much, I dont have a clue what a view window is. I’m so bad at this…still I can’t comment on many blogs as yet. A few are working that didn’t work yesterday so that’s good.

        1. thank you so very much. I’ll have a look, or get my son to show me. then I can remember where to find it. eyes aren’t great today. appreciate this very much.

    1. Sent an email. We’ll see how long it takes for a response, lol. Thanks for the contact info, that was exceedingly helpful. :):) Are you feeling better?I hope!

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