Ode to coffee the elixir of life

Never will there ever be strife

When a cuppa is handed across

Delighted faces, hands of applause

Whatever your choice, abundantly clear

Coffee makes your day, aroma premiere

I prefer strong, black, and white

Never a second cup will I fight

Savour a good book, music, and coffee

Wherever it be quite plain or frothy

Nothing beats that first cup of coffee

Tantalizing delicious whispering softly

Come sit, relax, partake and enjoy

Sincerely heaven, the real mccoy







17 thoughts on “Elixir

  1. I love my coffee! Out machine broke and I had to drink regular coffee. It was horrid. Had my first real cup yesterday. This one says it all!

      1. It was horrible! I had a whole week of that stuff. Was glad to have the machine back, it only had to be serviced. Without it, we would spend too much money on Starbucks…

        1. I’ve only been to Starbucks once. I’m not particularly picky but I prefer my own coffee and I really enjoy the flavour so I don’t require the extras they add.. my body goes no way ! Don’t do it! lol

          1. No, if I go it is only for coffee. Hate the syrupy stuff. My body can’t handle them anyway either 🙂 Besides, now that we have our machine back, I am back in business!

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