Hopefully what I’ve written previously helped you to choose your skin tone and whether you are a cool tone (with dark hair and eyes and therefore a winter) but if both are light,  you are a summer.  If your skin tone however is warm (and your hair and eyes are dark, you are an autumn) and if both are light, your a spring.

“Winter” complexions go well with navy, red, bright pink, and very light colors (lighter than pastels). “Summer” complexions go well with pastels and neutrals tones of powder blue and pink. Both  “cool seasons” winter and summer should avoid orange.

“Autumn” complexions on the other hand should stick with gold tones (beige, orange, deep brown)  while “Spring complexions” wear peach, gold and yellow exceedingly well.  Of all the seasons, these are the two that should avoid white and black as they wash you out.

It gets really complicated when each season is broken down into high and low which basically means as a “summer” myself and translucent skin tone I can wear more colours than most and even the colour experts couldn’t decide.  They decided I was a winter, had to be.  One day as I looked in the mirror I thought, odd, black makes me looks tired and washed out and I’m feeling energetic.  So I took the course myself.  I’m a “high” summer, which means I can wear a mixture of winter and summer colours.  Having said that, I prefer summer colours as they go with my personality.  I’m not given to drama or stark, but I do love elegant and free lines or curves.

When it comes to Jewelry it’s simpler, it’s either Silver or Gold.

Gold metals work best with red, auburn, strawberry blond and other red-tinted hair color along with brown black and hazel eyes.

Silver metals work best with blond, black and brown hair and blue green and grey eyes.

In the store try wearing blue versus orange.  If you look better in blue with silver jewelry, you are definitely in the cool skin tone group.  If it’s the orange with gold jewelry, your a warm skin tone.

Moving on to gemstones, for cooler skin tones I suggest Pink Topaz, Amethyst, Ruby Sapphire or Agate.  For warm skin tones you might consider Citrine, Mexican Opal (orange), brown (jasper), Green (peridot), Teal (blue topaz).

It was deliciously wonderful when one woman and I were chatting and she wanted to know about colour.  She looked down at her hands and her rings and smiled, “I’m a spring.”  She was.  Her jewelry had already given her the answer because often when we choose jewelry, we choose what we LOVE not what we like and because it’s an investment, we rarely choose a piece that doesn’t speak to us personally.

Hope you enjoyed this snippet and that it helps you decide which season most suits you.

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    1. I’d say your probably a summer. If your hair wasn’t black as a child, although some of the pics I saw of you when you posted them seemed to indicate some red in your hair, which means summer or spring. What colour gold or silver for jewelry? You are washed out in white, right?

        1. Bright blue eyes and a tinge of red in your hair when you were younger, would denote spring, try those colors but its spring or summer, their colors can overlap

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