I read your note it brought a host

Of memories so near and dear

As though a whimsical tender ghost

Suddenly whispered in my ear

Emotion deep and touching be

No matter where or what we did

Sitting under a large shade tree

Much more fun when twas forbid

I shall always keep you close to me











yarn 2

Satisfaction guaranteed

Yarns and stories fill a need

Warming hands across a barrel

A moment without a quarrel

Huddled together for warmth

Momentarily transformed

From loneliness or despair

Caught up in a story where

The promise of another life

Replaces the current strife

Fading in and out of reality

Nothing here one must referee






Powerful Piece

I have followed Pat Capponi’s writings for many years. I have heard her speak several times – all compelling. I continue to follow her advocacy work on Facebook. Her wise thoughts have both validated as well as challenged my thinking of social class and social ‘service’. Her late sister Diana was instrumental in helping me […]

via Pat Capponi was awarded the Order of Canada in 2015 for her advocacy… — Hope is Infectious

Well written

One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others.–Lewis Carroll In a nutshell, Stewards and Stakeholders of the Richard St. Barbe Baker Afforestation Area seeking to get the appropriate services to direct and educate the public to be respectful of the diverse […]

via Saskatoon City Police Support — stbarbebaker

Critical Error 75

Christina stepped back wiping tears from her cheeks.  “Don’t tell mom!  She’ll worry if she knows I’m upset.” Paul smiled, ‘like mother like daughter’.

“I think the telling should be yours, Christina.  She needs to know that her life matters to you and perhaps she’ll be less inclined to take unnecessary risks.”

“I know, that thought crossed my mind too.  I could see her offering herself up as bait just to catch this creep.  I’m afraid of, more than anything.”

“I’m watching her closely, Christina.  I won’t allow her to do that.  We have the situation under control.  We pushed the process along, further and earlier to force his hand.  She’s completely surrounded by law enforcement, whether she realises it or not and she can’t make a move we won’t know about.  Should this creep get close enough, we’ll take him down.”

“Thanks, Paul.  I appreciate that more than I can say.”  Paul smiled warmly before adding, “We have you covered too, Christina, and Andrew.  I won’t let anything harm you.”

“I know you’ll do your best Paul.  And by the way, I think your good for mom.  I’m glad you came into our lives.  I see good things for you two.  More, I want good things for you two.  Mom deserves someone special, who cares about her.  She hasn’t had that, probably never if I’m honest.”

“She has you, Christina.”

“I know, but I meant on the romantic side of things.  Gives me hope too.”

As conversations went, this was as touching and encouraging as it gets, Paul thought.  One hurdle down.  Now, if only Andrew felt the same, it would be a real bonus.

Eilea walked in toward the end of the conversation and heard Christina’s remarks about her and Paul and what she’d observed regarding her mom’s needs.

Wrapping her arms around him from behind, she hugged him close.  “Perceptive, isn’t she?”

Turning, Paul agreed.  “She does you proud, Eilea.  Incredibly observant,  she cares about her family, and is moved deeply by your current situation.”

“I’ve felt honoured on more than one occasion by each of them.  I’m not sure I can take credit for it, as they are individuals who have made choices.  Good choices so far.  I take comfort in knowing I may have assisted with a guiding hand, but they are now young adults and the choices and decisions they make are their own.”

“Well, I beg to differ.  I’ve seen young people act out and commit unspeakable acts of cruelty, steal, lie, cheat raised by caring parents and others that practically raised themselves because their parents were indifferent, uncaring, or too involved with their career to consider the results to a child.  At some point, it is about individual choices, but I really believe they copy your outlook actions and expectations more than make choices.  Eventually, they feel comfortable and strong enough to make them by themselves.”

Eilea sighed contentedly.  “She’s right about one thing, you are not only important to me, but I didn’t realise exactly what was missing until I met you.  You’re pretty special.”  She sealed the thought with a heart-stopping kiss that set him back on his heels.




We were young, just twenty-one

Yet I knew you were the one

Stardust once was in my eyes

My love for you I vocalized

Together as one you and I

Forever together do or die

So certain we would last for years

Sadly drowning in an ocean of tears

Romantic illusions broken and crushed

Around me, all have turned to dust

Pick myself up and dust myself off

Trying not at true love to scoff

Other possibilities before me lay

Perhaps a true love I’ll find one day










Liebster Blog Award

Sarah your a complete delight. I love that you take time to chat, whether long or short, as you have such a busy life. I love your humour, your writing skills are par excellent! I enjoy spending time with you. Thank you for including me in your busy routine.



Cal found her intoxicating.  It wasn’t one thing but many.  Her effervescence, her joie de vivre, the way her eyes lit up when she encountered something exciting interesting or moving.  How tender her heart was, that moved her to run to any child hurt or crying to pick them up if they’d fallen down.

When he stood near, he was immediately lost in the scent of her perfumed hair, her long slender neck beckoned a touch a kiss a taste.  He was madly in love with her.  Could barely keep his hands off of her, wanted her desperately.

This was his wife, the love of his life!  The woman he adored from sun-up to sun-set. He could well imagine them in their 80’s and he’d still feel the same. She was the love of his life there could be no other.

He’d created a perfume just for her that embodied all of what he associated with her.  He desperately hoped his perfume “Amelia” would please her as much as him and evoke her pleasure.

Amelia knew something was up, the look in his eye told her of expectation and excitement.  She walked toward him a smile upon her lips, a question in her eye.

He held out a beautiful little bottle shaped like a diamond.  “You finished it?”

“Indeed, and what’s more, it’s yours.”  She lifted the perfume and read her name.

“Oh, Cal!  I don’t know what to say!  I’m completely honoured.”

“Try it, my love, see if it’s you.”

She did. And it was.  Perfection in a bottle she’d said before falling to the floor unconcious.  He looked on in horror!


Critical Error 74

Christina snagged Paul early the following morning.  “Can we talk for a minute?”

“Sure, Christina, what’s up?”

“I thought I’d check into the mind-set if that’s possible of the perp.  I don’t get it.”

“Ok, go on,” Paul urged.

“According to what I’ve found, there are four types of stalkers.

The Rejected stalker – is a result of a breakdown in a close relationship (usually but not limited to sexual partners) and can include family members, close friends or others

The initial motivation is – either attempting to reconcile the relationship, or to exact revenge for a perceived rejection.”  She went on to list them as:

  • ” described as ambivalent about the victim, sometimes appear to want the relationship back, are clearly angry and want revenge on the victim.
  • some protracted stalking becomes a substitute for the past relationship as it allows the stalker to continue to feel close to the victim
  • and is the stalker’s attempt at salvaging their damage self-esteem

Ok, I get that.”

“And?” Paul urged.

“The next kind are rejected stalkers ambivalent toward victims.

  • sometimes clearly angry out for revenge
  • sometimes to help them feel close to the victim
  • in other times to salvage their damaged self-esteem

“Another is the intimacy seeking stalker and  arises from loneliness and lack of close a confidante.  Their victims are usually strangers or acquaintances in a stalker’s desire for a relationship.

  • Frequently their behaviour is fuelled by a severe mental illness
  • revolving around delusional beliefs about the victim, like a perceived relationship (even when none exists)
  • to establish an emotional connection and an intimate relationship. The stalking is maintained by the gratification that comes from the belief that they are closely linked to another person.
  • “So far so good,” Paul said.

    “The Incompetent Suitor stalks out of loneliness, lust and can target strangers or acquaintances.

    • their talking is described as a way of getting a date or short term relationship
    • they stalk for brief periods but
    • they are blind or indifferent about a victim’s distress
    • relattable to cognitive limitations or poor social skills

    And lastly the Predatory stalker which arises from deviant social practices and interests.

    • usually male and victims are usually female strangers he’s sexually interested in
    • stalking usually initiated to gain sexual gratification (e.g., voyeurism targeting a single victim over time)
    • also used to obtain information about a victim as a precursor to sexual assault
    • the stalking is both instrumental and also gratifying  because it gives them the sense of power and control they get from targeting an unsuspecting victim”

    “I’ve been studying these “types” for awhile.  It seems to me this guy has crossed over, if I’m reading this correctly. He doesn’t seem to fit into any particular category.  He’s been stalking mom for months, sent the letters, photos, etc.  He hasn’t approached her and doesn’t seem like he’ll quit.  He’s moved into threatening and physically hurting those close to her.  My question is, is this possible?”

    “I know as much about stalking as you do for the most part, Christina.  So far your assessment is right on target.  He’s crossing all kinds of boundaries and what boundaries there are don’t exist.  He doesn’t or hasn’t sent any notes apologizing so I don’t think he understand what he’s doing.  I also agree his goal is an intimate relationship with your mother (obviously perceived only in his mind).  He’s proven dangerous and threatening.”

    “I know that psychologists suggest none be treated as criminals, but for my money, when we catch this guy, he will be.  He’s physically hurt you and Brandon, his threats are real, he pretended to send a bomb but couldn’t quite follow through.  Whether that was fear for himself or any “imagined” concern for your mother’s welfare is debateable.

    “So does that mean he’ll try to kill mom when he realises she doesn’t want him?”

    “I wished I could tell you otherwise, but I figure that’s the scenario that exists, yes.”

    “Then please, shoot him!”

    Paul walked toward Christina and opened his farm wide and she walked toward him and fell against his chest and he felt more than heard gentle sobs. Wrapping his arms tight around her he said, “I have no intention of letting this miscreant get away, Christina.  He’s a low-life criminal intent on harm.”


Liebster Blog Award

Liebster Blog Award!

A grateful thank you to birdflight for nominating me for this delightful award. It certainly came out of the blue but I’m touched as well.

The rules of this award:
1. Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award.
2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you.
3. Give 11 random facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 11 blogs.
5. Notify those blogs of the nomination.
6. Give them 11 questions to answer.
My 11 Questions For The Nominees

  1. What was your favorite age?

My favourite age was 26 (for although I had experience) I looked like I was 16 which at the time affronted me for some odd reason, but in retrospect delights me now.

  1. What is your most prized possession?

My prized possession would be my cat, Porsche who is such an incredible animal and who brings me such joy.  He’s intelligent, has a great sense of humour, is a character, and hands above other cats I’ve had. I love him dearly. ( I don’t regard my kids as possessions, but gifts, you see.)

  1. How do you like your eggs?

I enjoy poached eggs most but omelets too.

  1. Who is your favorite author or poet?

Not sure I can answer that as I have many, but I know who I dislike (wait for it) Edgar Allen Poe.  His work was so dark and negative.

  1. Can you dance well?

I used to dance very well, once upon a time, until my “activity” limiting accident. Still love watching ballroom dancing competitions around the world.

  1. What is one of your favorite quotes?

That would be Albert Einstein – “Creativity is contagious, pass it on.”

  1. What word in your language do you like most?

Love.  Lover conquers hate, can overcome obstacles, open doors, heals and simply cuts to the chase of all our problems when you seriously consider it.

  1. Do prefer the ocean or the mountains?

That’s a more difficult one.  I love the ocean and I doubt I could live anywhere it wasn’t.  I learned to love the mountains after living on the prairie and being terrified of their majestic peaks at first. Then I fell in love with them.  Luckily I have both nearby 🙂

  1. What was your greatest accomplishment to date?

My most precious accomplishment was being able to have two children, and watching them grow into fine adults, and knowing they love me and want me in their lives and actively include me.

  1. Who is your favorite actor or actress?

My favourite actor would be Robert Redford.

  1. Can you sing well?

I used to, yes.  I loved singing very much.  These days I enjoy singing along with newcomers on The Voice and X Factor.  Their auditions always touch me so much as they sing “their” way at that moment in time, untouched by what the “masses” do.


Thank you so much, that was delightful fun and entertaining too.

Eleven random facts about me, hmm:

  1.  I started collecting humming birds due to a gift from a friend (they are not easy to come by).
  2. I laugh if someone gets hurt ( I know so bad) but so true.
  3. I’m once again “short” a serious issue I say! as everyone in my family is now taller than me, harumph snicker snicker
  4. I love chocolate (but then who doesn’t)?
  5. I love gardening.
  6. I hate bugs! (do the two go together)?
  7. I love sitting outside on a cool summers evening enjoying the breeze and twilight
  8. I no longer drive (I’m chauffer driver). hehe
  9. I love watching children play.
  10. I love watching people.
  11. I enjoy chatting (can you tell)?

I would like to nominate the following:

These wonderful writers are completely enjoyable. Possibly you already know and visit them, but if not, please check out their blogs.  Your sure to be delightfully entertained by their passion, expertise, sharing, giving, and involvement.

My questions for you are as follows:

1.  Your greatest achievement to date is . . .

2.  Your most amusing moment to date is . . .

3.  You create time for one special thing for you and it is . . .

4.  Your most “scandalous” moment in time was  . . .

5. If you could go back in time who would you be?

6.  Your most touching and amazing moment to date is . . .

7.  Where do you go to unwind?

8.  What do you enjoy most about blogging?

9.  What is something silly you love about yourself?

10.  Do you work, and if so, is it something you love?

11.  What is one life experience you learned that changed your life?



Zany #AtoZChallenge #amwriting


2017 Badge

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of coming up with a new word for each letter of the alphabet, in my case “emotions”.  Thank you all for reading and hopefully enjoying. I look forward to the next time round.

Larissa was looking with eager anticipation to her first televised show, “Zany by Degree” starring, none other than, herself.  She’d invited a mix of some exceedingly well-known and more obscure comedians willing to participate. There was something for everyone, or so she hoped.

Her agent had suggested she bite the bullet and take an offer from a local tv station.  At first, she’d rejected the idea but after giving the matter serious thought, decided, what they hey, why not?

She’d gained a large following and kudos from some of the best who applauded her zany sense of humour and crazy off the wall antics even though she’d never stooped to vulgarity or swearing, her jokes seemed to leave them laughing in the aisles.

Everything was in place, she stood tall waiting momentarily – it was time.  She went to face the audience and welcome them all for attending.  Following her opening monologue, she introduced the line-up and brought her first guest out.

The following morning, her manager called and whooped into her ear, “Pick up the paper, read, read!” he extolled.

“Zany was right.  You can’t miss the next show, “a must” that will leave you feeling warm of heart and laughing for hours.”

She was tickled pink glowing with her first success of which she hoped there would be many.




MAXINE tired

Ever felt so knackered

Even thought was scattered

You had to ask if someone

Saw you climb in bed, anyone?

I must have run a marathon

For I surely feel exhausted

Not bright or chipper, just addlepated

Yes my get up and go, surely got up and went

That pillow fight that I lost, I seriously lament












beyond compare