This is the second of, hopefully, a series of insightful question/discussion posts. See the first here.

Here’s how it works: Have a look at the question, read my answer, and then do one or both of the following: tell me your response to the same question, respond to my answer with thoughts of your own.


If there comes a day when you don’t see tomorrow, what’s something that you hope to leave behind? What would your legacy be?


When the day comes that I’m no longer here, I hope people, especially my family, will remember me. I will leave behind an amazing little boy that is wiser than his years, who has been empathetic since before he was born. I will leave behind a husband that adores his wife and does everything he can to help me and make me happy. In the end, what will truly remain of me — a part of my soul — will be left in my words. Every poem is a little piece of me. Every piece of fiction, every book, every narrative thought, came from my essence. No matter how fantastical the story, deep down, there are real problems to solve, real issues at stake, real thoughts, emotions and trials to face. These are all things I will leave behind in this world, and I hope they will continue to inspire others and give hope, where there otherwise may not be.

How about you?

Stay tuned for the next question.

I hope that those around me would remember I cherished every moment I spent with them. Although they have no idea I lived a horror story, I managed to push it all aside and love them with all my heart soul and mind. I hope they remember me with kindness and affection and something I said triggered a moment that changed their life going forward in a positive and meaningful way.

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    1. I believe we do. I wasn’t sure this was what you wanted, but I hoped that if I shared it this way, others would noticed who may not have, your questions and respond. Your audience is far bigger than mine, but if it helps, I’ll continue, otherwise, I can just respond in the reply section, whichever you prefer…

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