Ode to Monica

You write with dynamics and flair

I quickly sit down in my comfy chair

Looking for the next installment written

Excited at the prospect I am so smitten

If a book you write, a best seller it would be

I’d line up and call everyone to come see

What a brilliant writer you are

Your words transport and I soar

Ode to Sarah

The depth of your writing, no one can compete

You are one of a kind and ultimately complete

With but a few simple strokes of your pen

You paint emotion strong time and again

Please never stop your words offer such depth

Grounded honest clearly from heartfelt breadth

Ode to Elaine

You struggled and overcome

Life’s difficulties never succumbed

Another path you quickly trod

And your affection I applaud

You share that in which you believe

Always on target hoping others receive

Joy and happiness fulfillment and truth

Your words wrapped in honey soothe

As you move onto painting a gift

Another life experience you’ve not missed

Ode to Liza

Depth of your soul you understand

Sharing so much not on a grandstand

But subtly giving freely your words

Sounding as beautiful as songbirds

You sense of humour is outstanding

Doubled over, nearly on the floor landing

As something delightfully witty and fun

Full of merriment, I was simply undone

Ode to Sheryl

You give of yourself daily in prose

Something remarkable to all those

Who care to read and then partake

Of your assistant as they undertake

The delightful path of pen to paper

Wondering what will be the next caper

You draw me in, your writing divine

Bits and pieces I’ve seen headline

The book you have written excited I am

To see it published, a grand slam!

Ode to Sumyanna

Your poetry is beyond divine

A book of yours I’d wait in line

Days weeks months if need be

Its beauty knows no bounds

With love affection it all surrounds

The depth of beauty inside your soul

You constantly unendingly share

Often brings with it a joyous tear

You move me and touch me to the core

It’s like listening to a musical score

I fly on wings of perfection so sweet

Yours words so beautiful such a treat


To all of you my friends,

As I read the words I have written

They could easily be exchanged and rewritten

For the qualities I’ve seen in all of you

Are equal and in all of you natural

You don’t put on a mask when you write

You write from the heart that which is right

You uplift you give positive delight

Whatever you’re writing it’s always with insight

I humbly thank each and every one of you

For inviting me into your lives, for that I adore you.







34 thoughts on “My Ode to Some Incredible Writers

    1. You should! You are so amazing, and talented and giving. I enjoy you every moment I have the priviledge of reading your words. I feel honoured to have met you, sincerely.

  1. This is so wonderful. If that was me in the “Ode To Sarah” section, then I’m humbled and honored. I consider myself very lucky to have met you and others here in WordPress. Your friendships are invaluable and stronger than most people that were within physical proximity. Only two people have been consistent through the years: my husband and best friend. Thank you for being a friend and confidante.

    1. Sarah, it’s my honour to have come to know you. Your such a remarkable woman, and yes, the ode is to you, most definitely. If I were there, not sure where you live, I’d have to wrap my arms around you and give you a hug. Your so precious and dear to me and I’m sure to those that know you, if not, THEY are missing out!

        1. I know people, I get a sense of them. When I touch someone, I can feel what they are to their core it’s quite something. I feel who you are here too, it flows and it’s not just words, I can’t really explain it. It’s a gift really. I have met some that terrified me, they were black as coal inside.

    1. I’m pretty sure the pleasures all Mine! Snicker snicker, I’m on the receiving end hehe. I so enjoy your company and all you share,selflessly I might add

  2. Phyllis you are just the loveliest person, so kind and loving and quite often hilarious. I’m very touched by this ode to some of your friends especially as I’m there too! You are a very special lady and fabulous friend ????????

    1. Thank you Liza, your pretty special as are the others on the list. Your qualities shine brightly for the world to see from the depths to the humour, I enjoy every moment of your company. It’s been a godsend finding this site and you.

    2. What I find so touching, is that I could exchange every word written for each of you and come up with the same results. You all have those special qualities and your unafraid to speak your mind which I love.

        1. I tend to agree, even if it means blowing my own horn. I enjoy the company of thoughtful kind witty and funny people. I detest constant negativity and those who can’t see the good in a given situation. There’s always a positive, not to say that we disregard reality, it has to be faced, but …

  3. What a lovely idea to write tribute poems like these. Thanks for sharing. I have a poetry blog here on WordPress and my poem today is about words in case you have time to read? Have a good day, Sam 🙂

    1. Over the next few days I hope to get caught up, its 12 30 pm here and I’m sure to go to bed soon, but I’m looking forward to reading more as I enjoyed those you’ve written and I’ve read so far 🙂 I love positive people. Makes my day hehe

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