Are you my champion

Or just an aberration

I look and you appear

You whisper in my ear

Words soft and oh so clear

Full of heartwarming cheer

I want to believe in my heart

You will always stay never depart

You remain yet never age

No longer words on a page

Oh my love my true champion

Of all I believe captured in song



15 thoughts on “Champion

    1. Yes to both, I was thinking of a ghostly vision, and then thought well, it worked as someone from a past that was important and their words buzz around you as a reminder when needed

    1. Thank you Sumyanna truly! It was one of those I wrote and felt unsure about. Yet it’s been enjoyed the most. I’m undoubtedly happy you enjoyed. That’s indeed special to me.

      1. Yes, I have been amazed at your ease with the pen. I have not written as much fiction… at this time “time” is my greatest enemy. Not sure where I would go with it, or what I would do, but I do have a desire someday. Who knows where the future will lead us. So glad you are still writing. πŸ™‚

        1. Everything you have written is beyond remarkable! If I had the know how I’d copy everything you’ve done and create a cover and publish set you up on smashwords. And send it to you. I will work on the how of this. Your work deserves to be heard by the masses. Its exquisite! If there’s any way I can do this, I will. I won’t hold out a promise as I can’t even do my own, but I will see if it’s at all possible. or find a means of explanation for you so you can do this.

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