“Doctor Morrison is examining them now.  Fill out these forms, will you?  When your done, you can talk to the doctor, he should have completed his examinations by then.”

Paul evidently heard and when she looked up, it was to find him racing toward them.  “Paul, would you phone Brandon’s parents and ask if he has any allergies and give them the hospital’s phone number so they can call and fill them in on his medical history?”

“Where’s their number?”

“Here, it’s in my address book.”  Her hands were shaking.  Paul held them momentarily, looking into her eyes, silently conveying assurance and conviction that the teens would be ok.  He squeezed her fingers gently before taking the book from tightly clenched hands and placing the call.

When he was finished she asked, “What did they have to say?”

“I told them unless something serious cropped up, they didn’t have to travel all this way we would keep them informed.  I explained there would no doubt be an investigation into the accident.”

“Oh, god, Paul, you don’t think this is somehow related . . . .”

Thoughtfully he replied, “Hard to say.” Silently he thought the perp resilient, definitely motivated and most definitely present.

Doctor Morrison walked out of the examination room toward Eilea.  “Are you Christina’s mother?”

“Yes.  How are they?” her evident concern touched him.

“Christina has some nasty looking bruising down her left side, so she’ll be sore for a while, and she has a mild concussion, but she’ll be fine.”  He patted the back of her wringing hands. “Brandon has a pulled leg muscle that will require crutches for a few days.  The weight of the strap cut into his waist,  causing some bruising and a slight abrasion especially on the side where he collided with your daughter.  Fortunately, there isn’t any serious bruising to his kidney or any other internal organs.  We’ll do some further testing to make sure.  They were extremely lucky.”

“Can I see her now?”

“Certainly.  I’m going to keep them overnight for observation, routine, I assure you; totally precautionary, ” he exclaimed before continuing with his rounds.

“Thank God!” she whispered her heartfelt thanks aloud.  Paul accompanied Eilea into the emergency room where they found the two friends laying on beds side by side, their faces registering a little shock and discomfort.

“Christina, Brandon, thank God you’re alright!  How are you feeling?”

Christina joked, “I’ll wear black and blue for awhile, but nothing’s broken.  I might get to milk this one for awhile. I feel pretty stiff at the moment and the good news is, nothing’s broken.”

“I was horrified when I saw you and Brandon fall.”

“One minute I was looking at Brandon and laughing,  the next I was trying to hang onto his belt, then I hit something, hard!”

“Brandon, what do you remember?”

“Pretty much the same thing.”

“How are you?”

“I’ll be alright.  Doc says I might need a little physio before I’m done.”

“I’m only sorry I landed on your head.” He looked over at Christina perturbed.

“I hit the water so hard that it knocked the air right out of me and I couldn’t get out of the way, I’m just grateful you grabbed onto me, otherwise slamming into the water could have been way more problematic.”

Turning to face Christina he continued, “It was only moments but it felt like a lifetime until I could grab hold of you.”

“Are they going to let us out of here?”

“‘Fraid not until tomorrow.  They want to keep you overnight for observation and a few more tests.  The Doctor assures me it’s just routine.”

“Will they let us stay together?”

“I’ll ask, Christina.  In fact, I’ll see when they’re moving you to your room.  You have a crew of very concerned young people out there anxiously awaiting an opportunity to talk with you. You never saw a bunch of kids run so fast in your life.  I never knew they had it in them,” Eilea joked.

They made room for the others to enter and Eilea phoned Brandon’s parents to fill them in.

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