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E is for Emotion


Eden was beautiful, talented, young and fresh.  She was what the world was waiting for.  Her talent was next to none.  Her greatest influences were Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera, Adele, and Leona Lewis.  Spectacular voices, distinct individual uniquely beautiful in their style.

She’d always wanted to sing, ever since she’d picked up a plastic mic when she was five and a half years old and it was obvious to everyone she had a voice like an angel.  She sang for the fun of it, mimicking everyone on the radio.  Her parents used to lay awake at night listening to her hum herself to sleep.

Now she was here, she was playing the big leagues and it was spectacular. Couldn’t be better.  Her voice carried that deeply soulful sound of the ages combined with the sweet contemporary sound of today with a hint of an angel wrapped inside a whisper.

Her performances were deeply emotional, draining, but left the audience wanting more.  As she lay on her bed wrapped in her favourite warm fluffy blanket she sighed. It was all she’d dreamed about, except for one thing.    She was lonely, more correctly, alone.  No time to share the depth of emotion she felt with another human being, man or woman.

She thought music filled her up and it did, without the ability to sing, she wasn’t sure what she would do probably fade away into nothingness, become smoke and simply fly away on a wisp of smoke.

Damian was the first man to cross her path in 10 years that moved her.  He was real, solid, sincere and her bodyguard.  A bodyguard with a serious rep.  Could she, should she take the chance and let emotion lead her where it may? Did she have the courage to reach out?

One day led into the next, and each day she promised herself she’d make a move but didn’t.  Would he? Did he see her that way? Emotions filled her first excitement, then desire, then yearning.  Never doubt. Make the move! she admonished herself, today!

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    1. Oh, thank you Margarita. It was one of those ones I wrote and wasn’t sure about…whether it would be received or not… so I really appreciate your comment 🙂

    1. Thank you, Elaine. Often I write things that I’m not sure about? Amazingly, those are the ones others respond to most. I hinted at you in the decorating one hehe I was going to say, “Hey, Elaine, take a gander, mwhaha You paint, You’ll know it,” and then I chickened out haha

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