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“Mac, I always go with my gut and there’s something about this I distrust.  Go in easy, wait for back up – follow protocol you hear me?”

“Yeah, I got it.  You know I’m good, I can take care o’ my own right?”

“You’re a great cop,  but for once, listened to a seasoned cop that knows more than you!?  Something’s not right, I feel it in my bones.”

“What especially?”

“There’s something about the way this went down, the info, the way we received it, and I have to ask why you in particular for the meet?  They didn’t know you were involved.  Someone’s yanking our chain.  I think this is payback and a set up to get to you.  Why I don’t know.”

“Just make sure you listen to me and your gut.  If mine is screaming, yours should be too.  This situation stinks!”

“I know man, I got that right off the hop.  I’ll be careful.  I got a beautiful woman to go home to.  I’m not going to take chances on this one.  I’m with you, I distrust the whole set up but if we don’t go through with it, we’ll lose the whole deal, right?”

“I’d rather lose the deal than you.”

“I hear ya.  Ok, I’m going under.  I’ll contact you in an hour.”

“I got your back, but you be careful Dean.”  Dean nodded and walked out the side door.

“Damn but I don’t trust this!”  Picking up the phone he called his friend and confident to touch base.

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