F is for Flustered #AtoZChallenge #AMWRITING


Gena felt completely flustered!  She’d gone about her daily chores as per normal, focusing on shopping not only for herself, but for her elderly neighbour unable to get to the market as often as necessary.

She’d obtained the groceries, carefully packing them separately so she could drop them and run.  Mrs. Humphrey often lay down for a nap late in the afternoon, and as was her ritual, Gena used her key, deposited the requested items and left.

Today however was different.  She stood outside her door listening to the most beautiful music she’d ever heard.  She stood transfixed, heart soaring.

Unlocking the door, she entered, stopping short.  A handsome man a little older than she sat before a piano, plucking away on the keys.  He was obviously responsible for the melodious sounds she’d been listening to. Mrs. Humphrey was sitting in her worn chair listening, eyes closed, the picture of rapture upon her face while the man was completely absorbed in the music both unaware of her presence.

Gena wanted to say something, but couldn’t.  Enveloped by beautiful music, the expressions on both faces, obviously feeling what she felt, she closed her eyes and stood listening until the end of the piece.

When she opened her eyes, she found both staring at her. Mrs. Humphrey with delight and welcome, the man with curiosity and a mixture of perplexity.

“Hi.”  She was beyond flustered.  His eyes stroked her face her hair and it was as if he’d physically reached out and touched her.

5 thoughts to “F is for Flustered #AtoZChallenge #AMWRITING”

    1. Thank you. I would enjoy that moment, it would be heaven, like walking through a garden with the wind whispering around me and the scents of the flowers wafting by. A complete sensory overload hehe. yumm

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