If this were our last day on earth

Would we cut to the chase, unearth

The things that are truly important

Skip all the rest as totally redundant

Spend our last moments with friends and lovers

No longer willing to simply hover

Be in the moment not wasting time

Giving our best right down the line

Filling our soul and those we treasure

With warmth and love beyond measure

One last thought filled with the purest of love

Our last moments, time we made good use of.

This is in response to Liza’s dream.


45 thoughts on “Heal

    1. Thank you, Elaine. It’s wonderful to see you painting. Making the most of life, trying something new and succeeding I might add. Your such a wonderful woman. I so enjoy your company and all the tid bits you offer. Precious indeed.

          1. It’s true. I’ve always believed that, but wondered why I was on the receiving end of so much vileness during my life. I certainly didn’t ask for it, want it, encourage it. Now, my cup runneth over with beautiful delightful happy funny people, who have so much to offer the world, such as you!!!! oh by the way where are you moving, when, and how far? big or small move? I didn’t know if you wanted to say or not

          2. It’s all about balance I suppose, so that means your due lots more love ❤️ not sure where I’m going yet, nothing sorted yet, should probably start to think about it! I would like to be around here, it feeds me ????

          3. Plus, according to facebook your embarking on something spectacular, which is right up your alley, cause your spectacular, I imagine the fit is perfect for you. so that makes me exceedingly happy.

          1. I am glad your here! I’m thrilled your here, I look for you daily tbh if not here, then on fb. I love sharing the ups and down and what your into and doing and involved in.

          2. So you’ll see I’m having a bit of a party weekend, friends and family saying goodbye to the flat, our last hurrah lol. That’s why I have not been as active on here. Recovery mode this morning lol ????

        1. Your welcome. Interesting responses. All of which are true on many levels. Thank you for your well wishes as well. Interestingly one of the characters I’ve written about in a novel is named Thomas Ward. Most amusing and interesting. haha

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