I – A – Z April Challenge

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Jazzy felt impotent.  This was new!  Having always taken the bull by the horns and pushed on through whatever blocked her way and cramped her style, she was experiencing something she’d never before experienced.  She didn’t like it, at all.

The cause of that impotence was Jason.  He was adorable, fun, gentle, sweet and slow moving.  He planned every last thing!  Her fate was in his hands! If he gave her project the go-ahead, she could begin implementing the necessary changes in the sound room.  If not, it was back to square one.  Making do with what they had.

Surely the money they’d made through the last six months could be fed back into the company.  They desperately needed a decent “live room” so vocalists and instrumentalists could blast away without interfering with others. An additional isolation booth would be a brilliant addition too, allowing more than one vocalist to perform simultaneously.

Once the powers that be heard what they had to offer, there was no end in sight to the possibilities to their grown.  Word of mouth in this business was everything after all.  If one artist found you accommodating, and their sound enhanced, they told others.

The door opened and she looked eagerly at his face, hoping his expression would give away what he thought.  He grinned.  Jazzy was out of her seat and dancing across the room.  “It’s a go, isn’t it?”

He hugged her close, “Yep, you got it in the bag – wait wait!”  He held up his hands, “Within reason!  We can’t afford to go crazy but we can get started on both projects, or you can choose whichever feels right and we can go all in.”

Jazzy’s eyes lit up.  She knew exactly which project to choose!  “Onward and upward, Jason.  You’ll see, it’ll make a huge difference!”

As Jazzy bounced back to her desk, Jason smiled. Jason long ago learned to trust her judgment.  He was gambling on that.  She knew her stuff.  Counting on that, he’d taken every last cent from his personal bank account to make this happen. He knew she was right.  He knew she’d make it work.  More he knew she’d make it a success!





5 thoughts to “I – A – Z April Challenge”

      1. So glad you think so Phyllis 🙂 I can’t help myself but write. I think it’s a disease… To think I stopped for so many years. Now, I can’t live without it.

        I am enjoying this series of stories very much by the way. So glad you are writing them.

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