I am so pleased you are here

Smiles automatically appear

Your warm heart fills me with joy

Relaxed no need to employ

A practiced smile or forced glee

Your presence is a guarantee

Great hijinx we will surely share

Whether posed on a deck chair

Or together in the town square

A shared joke from long ago

Pooled memories we bestow

Remembrance of friendship strong

These moments forever prolong

I am so pleased that you are here

My smile for you automatically appears







20 thoughts on “Pleased

          1. It wasn’t until 2 nights ago, then returned to below 0 and frost on the cars in the morning. It had warmed up to 3 degrees which was very nice. sigh argh even definitely too soon the plant as yet

        1. I thought they were new, but I wasn’t sure. Sometimes I figure I probably didn’t notice and I know people who have 2 pair and change out depending…

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