Copyright Phyllis L. Holt Kelsey Bay, BC

Climb up a Mountain couldn’t resist the reflection.

I apologize for the quality of the pictures.  I’ve lost many due to the photo album’s inability to protect the photos properly. Still, I wanted to share these and hope you enjoy. also.Puddle 001Driftwood 001Driftwood 002Driftwood 003

From my balcony over Hardy BaySunset through screen 208 Harbourview 001

17 thoughts on “Photos of Kelsey Bay

    1. They have scratches etc. When I pulled them from the photo album I saw them well not until I uploaded them and I wasn’t sure whether to up lead them, so thank you for that, Sarah, I appreciate what toy said, I’m a perfect tionist regarding myself, not others, but Mr certainly. Thanks. Really

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