Fragile as glass, misty, blurred, opaque

Everything hidden, everything at stake

Keep others away, never transparent

A shroud she’s worn as a deterrent

Who she is hidden away, as light diffused

Quietly sitting on the sidelines, subdued

Until one-day honesty and trust gained

No longer the need to be constrained

Never more a desire to hide or be sad

Joyous freedom was hers to be had






7 thoughts on “Opaque

  1. I find sometimes a simple poem can tell a story to be remembered such as this one. <3 My mind has been thinking about inspiration lately and you are an inspirational person to me.

    1. That is indeed lovely! I find you incredibly inspirational. Everything you write is thoughtful, and evokes emotion and downright beautiful. You are the epitome of a writer, Sheryl. I enjoy chatting with you too and if that poem was meant for me, than I humbly thank you.

        1. Let’s face it, it would make a mega change in the world as a whole. Most of the folks here, probably do or would, it’s the money’d ppl who stand to make the big bucks that never will. That’s where true change has to take place.

          1. I definitely agree. Sad that they don’t realize that they too, someday, might be affected. It is always best to do what benefits all of us, not a chosen few…

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