Those without roots, always adrift

Never belonging life is makeshift

Wandering roaming, minute fragments

No solidarity with no attachments

Gathering no dust, not settled or part

Of what makes up life, right from the start

Roots give us essence as human beings

Evidence of generations never fleeting

For some it is everything knowing they belong

While for others it just a melody in a song






13 thoughts on “Roots

    1. Sarah, your a godsend! I appreciate you so much and look forward to your comments. I find that more encouraging than you can imagine. I’m not given to saying when I feel nervous or unsure, I feel it, but don’t say it, so your thoughtful words constantly give me encouragement. Very special indeed.

    1. Thank you, Liza, I enjoyed writing this one. Again as with Blanket it seemed to resonate with many, which of course, delights me as it was close to my heart as well. Bonus!

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