Christina snagged Paul early the following morning.  “Can we talk for a minute?”

“Sure, Christina, what’s up?”

“I thought I’d check into the mind-set if that’s possible of the perp.  I don’t get it.”

“Ok, go on,” Paul urged.

“According to what I’ve found, there are four types of stalkers.

The Rejected stalker – is a result of a breakdown in a close relationship (usually but not limited to sexual partners) and can include family members, close friends or others

The initial motivation is – either attempting to reconcile the relationship, or to exact revenge for a perceived rejection.”  She went on to list them as:

  • ” described as ambivalent about the victim, sometimes appear to want the relationship back, are clearly angry and want revenge on the victim.
  • some protracted stalking becomes a substitute for the past relationship as it allows the stalker to continue to feel close to the victim
  • and is the stalker’s attempt at salvaging their damage self-esteem

Ok, I get that.”

“And?” Paul urged.

The next kind are rejected stalkers ambivalent toward victims.

  • sometimes clearly angry out for revenge
  • sometimes to help them feel close to the victim
  • in other times to salvage their damaged self-esteem

Another is the intimacy seeking stalker and  arises from loneliness and lack of close a confidante.  Their victims are usually strangers or acquaintances in a stalker’s desire for a relationship.

    • Frequently their behaviour is fuelled by a severe mental illness
    • revolving around delusional beliefs about the victim, like a perceived relationship (even when none exists)
    • to establish an emotional connection and an intimate relationship. The stalking is maintained by the gratification that comes from the belief that they are closely linked to another person.

“So far so good,” Paul said.

The Incompetent Suitor stalks out of loneliness, lust and can target strangers or acquaintances.

      • their talking is described as a way of getting a date or short term relationship
      • they stalk for brief periods but
      • they are blind or indifferent about a victim’s distress
      • relattable to cognitive limitations or poor social skills

The Predatory stalker which arises from deviant social practices and interests.

      • usually male and victims are usually female strangers he’s sexually interested in
      • stalking usually initiated to gain sexual gratification (e.g., voyeurism targeting a single victim over time)
      • also used to obtain information about a victim as a precursor to sexual assault
      • the stalking is both instrumental and also gratifying  because it gives them the sense of power and control they get from targeting an unsuspecting victim”

“I’ve been studying these “types” for awhile.  It seems to me this guy has crossed over, if I’m reading this correctly. He doesn’t seem to fit into any particular category.  He’s been stalking mom for months, sent the letters, photos, etc.  He hasn’t approached her and doesn’t seem like he’ll quit.  He’s moved into threatening and physically hurting those close to her.  My question is, is this possible?”

“I know as much about stalking as you do for the most part, Christina.  So far your assessment is right on target.  He’s crossing all kinds of boundaries and what boundaries there are don’t exist.  He doesn’t or hasn’t sent any notes apologizing so I don’t think he understand what he’s doing.  I also agree his goal is an intimate relationship with your mother (obviously perceived only in his mind).  He’s proven dangerous and threatening.”

“I know that psychologists suggest none be treated as criminals, but for my money, when we catch this guy, he will be.  He’s physically hurt you and Brandon, his threats are real, he pretended to send a bomb but couldn’t quite follow through.  Whether that was fear for himself or any “imagined” concern for your mother’s welfare is debatable.

“So does that mean he’ll try to kill mom when he realizes she doesn’t want him?”

“I wished I could tell you otherwise, but I figure that’s the scenario that exists, yes.”

“Then please, shoot him!”

Paul walked toward Christina and opened his farm wide and she walked toward him and fell against his chest and he felt more than heard gentle sobs. Wrapping his arms tight around her he said, “I have no intention of letting this miscreant get away, Christina.  He’s a low-life criminal intent on harm.”

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    1. Thanks. It is how some view stalkers and too many aren’t aware how serious it is. Then there are the bleeding hearts that dont feel they should be treated as criminals. BS they act like criminals so treat them as such…they destroy the lives and or kill others, their actions are criminal in my book. rant over. lol

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