We were young, just twenty-one

Yet I knew you were the one

Stardust once was in my eyes

My love for you I vocalized

Together as one you and I

Forever together do or die

So certain we would last for years

Sadly drowning in an ocean of tears

Romantic illusions broken and crushed

Around me, all have turned to dust

Pick myself up and dust myself off

Trying not at true love to scoff

Other possibilities before me lay

Perhaps a true love I’ll find one day










11 thoughts to “Vulnerable”

        1. I took a moment to look it up, hehe. I don’t follow rules, lol, simply cause I can’t ever remember them, so I write as it hits me. Your poetry on the other hand, is so lovely, so truly exquisite because of its brevity. Me, I’m playing around I guess one day I should look up the rules (school was years ago)and we only covered poetry for a couple of months.

          1. I suppose I would if I weren’t such a rebel…lol…but having said that, I can’t remember them, and for me it stops the creative process if I have to think about something other than I wish to write…

      1. You are very welcome. I’ve been quiet a bit, because testing was getting crazy over here. Hoping things will wind down soon. Still making up for travel time, etc…

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