yarn 2

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Yarns and stories fill a need

Warming hands across a barrel

A moment without a quarrel

Huddled together for warmth

Momentarily transformed

From loneliness or despair

Caught up in a story where

The promise of another life

Replaces the current strife

Fading in and out of reality

Nothing here one must referee






15 thoughts on “Yarn

  1. A ball of yarn,
    A twisted tale,
    A big bright smile,
    That cannot fail.

    We all connect,
    With human genes,
    Please have respect,
    Know what it means.

    So tie yourself
    To one another
    We all are siblings,
    Sister and Brother.

        1. Ah, I see. It was beautiful. Mine was spur of the moment following another blogger’s post which I reposted. Two of a kind in thought it seems, hehe

  2. Love this. Makes me wonder where all the arts and crafts have gone. I know some still do it – but wish it was as important as long ago. There is a wonderful bond passing it down from generation to generation. That, and storytelling…

      1. Makes me sad to know that we are losing a lot of our culture and arts that way. Perhaps at some point people will realize and revive them.

    1. I copied a piece by a writer that I came across on Reader and this is what came out of it. How life could have been so different had I run away…as some have as a result of the kind of lives we’ve been forced to live.

      1. That’s why our stories are so important, to inspire and reassure those who are thinking of running away.

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