black friday

We began with a birthday suit

Tiny pink and oh so cute

And with time began the climb

Buying clothes a full pastime

A daily pursuit for some today

Never anything castaway

Closets full of this and that

Tops pants and slouch hat

Summer winter spring and fall

Then came the important call

A sale at Macey’s and Kohl’s too

Creating excitement much ado

Over the latest newest garb

And with all a matching scarf

When once we all had none

Without plenty we feel undone









2 thoughts on “None

  1. Love the spirit of this write. Now I feel guilty… Just went to Kohl’s yesterday ???? you seriously had me at… Birthday suit ????

    1. lmao I liked that line too hehe, I was going for funny, and then it took a different turn, lol I couldn’t get where I wanted, guess I wasnt meant to haha

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