Thank god he’d swapped vehicles.  Sitting behind the wheel of his car, he shook.  That was too close for comfort.  He hadn’t thought it through but then he hadn’t expected an immediate response.  It was orchestrated he was sure of it.  Damn them all! For standing in his way, for stopping him, for keeping them apart.

He took his wallet out of his pants and opened it to stare at her beloved face.  “You are so beautiful.  We’re meant to be together. I know it, you know it.  I have to get you away from them.  I will, I vow it!”  He lifted her picture to his face and kissed it.

Warily he made his way out of the park looking for cops and roadblocks.  There were none.  He parked at the entrance and wandered for a bit making nice.  Not near enough he thought, but safe enough.  It enabled him a view of exit and he’d be able to see her.  His mind vacillated between wanting her and punishing her.  Every time he thought of the latter, he wanted to weep.  She was his woman, so special, so dear.  This was intolerable.  He wanted to scream his love for her from the rooftops, carry her away to a place they could be together, forever.  He must plan better.  He derided himself.

No clues, he’d left no clues, he was positive about that.  Going over every encounter again in his mind, he smiled at their response, especially hers.  He felt bad about the gift even though he’d scared her, he had to make a point.  She must take him seriously.  If he couldn’t get close to her he had no other way of showing her what she meant to him.

His fractured thinking left little room for doubt.  His plan was to separate her from the others and take her away.  He only needed a moment to accomplish his goal.

He saw the truck.  They were headed out, preparing to leave.  He watched them wave at another couple.  Safety in numbers?  Hopping into his car, he followed several car lengths behind.  One opportunity, that’s all it would take.

In his mind, Paul didn’t exist.  They didn’t exist.  The children would come round eventually, and if not, well, that was too bad.

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