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    1. reader is showing up for me, but the chat bar here, is stuck open, I can’t tell who i have talked with and who I havent. My l a r keys are locking up and i have to keep restarting. It seems to start with this program WP and spills over into others as well, not as often, but this one I start every half hour. annoying as it gets.

    2. I wasn’t even sure people were getting them. I got 26 people visiting yesterday so I turned WP off for most of the day, it was useless to try to talk to anyone, or see anything anywhere.

      1. Hmm, I noticed once that if I used too many tags, my posts wouldn’t show in the reader. Try to refresh your posts to a few minutes ago and see if they start to show up.

    3. I accidentally found a post I had made, reposted by a visitor to my blog, but it didn’t say anyone had seen the post let alone copied it, so it’s a toss of the dice I guess lol

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Have to share, Liza! 🙂

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