6 thoughts on “Age is Mind Over Matter.

  1. Okay – I’m going to attempt to comment again. I truly loved these. My favorite, above all was the dancer. She is just ahhmazing. Just truly… that is what I want to be when I grow up 🙂

    What I tried to say in the former comment was that I truly find it shocking that people are so amazed that older people live life. I’m curious to wonder what people think they were doing before they came along, he he. I mean, they have lived… as do all of us. You see the disdain in the beginning (always) with people thinking… oh, here’s another old person shuffling in. It is rather sad in my opinion. I don’t know why – but it irks me some. I am not a senior citizen yet, but I was just raised in a time when you knew that older people lived longer than you, they had stories to tell and lessons to share. I just find it sad that more people don’t realize that. Some of us (myself included) want to keep living – no matter how old we are.

    Also, I wanted to add that I find it shocking when someone who is overweight, or not a blond with a perfect figure, or not dressed to the nines walks in and everyone starts to giggle. Then, when the person does a perfect job, everyone is shocked. Do people not realize that all people are capable of many great things? I just don’t understand the shock of that. Just think of when Susan Boyle walked out on stage. Everyone (even the judges) thought she was a joke, but she has a beautiful voice. For me, I saw that beauty was possible the minute she walked out on that stage, because I don’t only tie beauty to a beautiful face, if that makes sense. She was equally as capable if not more so than a slim young woman. I don’t know… perhaps I am just old fashioned.

    1. No, you are not old fashioned, you have a strong sense of not judging a book by its cover. The outside is but a shell. What we can and do accomplish comes from within. I’m also on the same page regarding age. Just because you are older doesn’t mean you aren’t interested or interesting. Some people tend to live interesting lives, what’s more, want to. Some are content to sit on the sidelines and look on. That’s not to say we don’t live busy lives, but life doesn’t stop because the kids grew up and left home. I.m delighted with the dancer because she’s living her dream. I get angry when someone older wants to do something and their family wants to commit them because they want to dance or paint or drive across the world. They were capable long before their kids were born. Greece.

    2. I too was horrified by the omg over Susan Boyle who was and is incredibly talented. Simon Cowell is learning a thing or two since they started cancelling his shows which are based on looks while the voice is based on ability. Still the perception by certain ppl that beauty sells is so wrong. If they went with talent, they would sell so much more because WE love Talent!

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